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KSTONYA Posts: 375
11/12/13 1:35 A

I have been doing the Fast Metabolism diet and it has allowed me to get my metabolism to work and lost 30 pound. I have 4 more to go which will be the hardest.

9/29/13 8:33 A

I am not a doctor or a nutritionist but my hypoglycaemic episodes disappeared when I started eating a diet high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates (only vegetable and fruit sources).

9/28/13 12:27 P

It is very difficult for me to get a true handle on what is going on with you medically. If you are struggling with blood sugar issues (or think you are) OR experiencing high and low blood sugar signs and sypmtoms---perhaps you need to ask your doctor for a referral to see an endocrinologist???

Your SP Registered Dietitian

KSTONYA Posts: 375
9/27/13 11:28 P

Years ago I was tested for diabetes while I was also taking a steroid and tested positive since then I have had only the hunger weakness and Thirst but my labs have been good. I have had my blood sugar tested at the doctors office one time and was in extreme hypoglycemia but the doctor sends the code for diabetic to the pharmacy and they read it as pancreas disorder.

KSTONYA Posts: 375
9/26/13 11:52 P

My doctor tried to get me a meter but insurance denied it so I am having to control it with my food intake. I found that a small "burn" "Hunger" was actually my metabolism working and as I have Hypothyroid my metabolism is very low. I am trying to regulate and found that if I let a small hunger metabolism burn I lost weight but if I kept feeding my hunger I gained weight so I had to do a happy medium.

9/26/13 8:34 P

If you are on a diet that is bringing about constant hypoglycemic reactions---then you need to be following a different diet for weight loss/weight maintenance.

This site, our members, and our experts can not provide the testing that you need to determine what is happening in your body. Nor are we able to connect the response of your blood sugar readings to your food intake. I encourage you to talk to your doctor for appropriate medical and nutritional care.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,802
9/26/13 4:50 P

I am confused. Have you been diagnosed with the medical condition Hypoglycemia or are you referring to it as a symptom?

I would think that if you had been medically tested and diagnosed testing supplies would be available.

I have not been diagnosed but have had the symptoms of weekness sweating and ravenous hunger. It stopped when I began eating more protein and vegetables. I do know I absolutely cannot eat refined carbohydrates aka sugar at breakfast. Hope this was helpful.

KSTONYA Posts: 375
9/26/13 2:52 P

I have been using the Fast metabolism Diet to lose my weight. I have finally reached the Goal that my doctor has set of 135. My hypoglycemia runs rapid with the diet that finally allowed me to lose this weight. I want to lose 5 more pounds which the Doctor has OK'd but need to moderate the fast metabolism so I can tell the difference. I have found the metabolism makes me hungry (hypoglycemic symptom) that is the most evident. I have found that by eating smaller meals more often I can keep the symptoms from getting beyond the hungry stage. Any Help as I am going to be doing the Maintenance on this plan. I cannot get any meter supplies so I cannot document the low blood sugar as being the hypoglycemic problem.


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