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7/15/13 11:56 A

Yes, like Bunny said, you have to go in and reset your goal to be your current weight and with about a year out. I'm in maintenance now and my range (obviously yours will be different) is 1440-1790. I've found in order to maintain, I need to eat a little bit above that top number to stay where I'm at, on an average. I found when I stayed in the middle of that range, on an average, I lost weight.

It also is a bit of an experiment to figure out where you need to be. I lost 11 more pounds before I figured out that the range I was given was too low. It was a scary thought to eat more than the range, but it's been working out pretty well now, I've been maintaining here for about 4 months.

You also might want to come join the Maintainers Spark Team. It's a very very active team with lots of great resources for maintainers.

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7/15/13 10:51 A

Re-set your goal for, say, a year from now, with your goal weight being the same as your current weight. Then make sure your regular weekly activity is correctly reflected in your fitness tracker. That should adjust your range for you. You may have to experiment a little bit, as these trackers are just general guides - you may find you need slightly more or less to maintain. I'd recommend trying to stay within a range (i.e. 168-173) and if you fall below, amp up the calories, and if you rise above, return to the range you used for weight loss till it comes back in line.

Oh, and - congratulations on reaching your goal!! emoticon

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I have now achieved my Total weight loss and then some. I have reached 172.2lbs from 214 last January 1 and really have no desire to lose further weight. I am now however very active cycling and swimming plus gym workouts, gardening etc etc. My current BMR is 2,030 and my food tracker shows that I should target 1500 to 1850 calories per day but this has not changed since I achieved my goal.
How do I now go onto maintenance to stay between 170 - 175lbs and not drop below 170lbs? emoticon

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