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1/26/12 6:55 P

Thanks for the recipies and extra tips, I have just been using mine for smoothies in the blender bit. does the juicer attachment work well ?

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1/23/12 9:20 P

I love my MB....I use it for homemade dressings, pesto, guacamole, salsa & smoothies...Love it!!!:)

ATHENA1966 Posts: 4,006
1/22/12 5:01 P

I have found it to be great for smoothies. I had a major disaster last night. I tried to use it to mix warm/hot almond milk at stuff for cocoa and it leaked and made a terrible mess.

KMEL2U Posts: 55
1/22/12 12:20 P

I love my bullet I make chicken salad, scrambled egg whites. put celery and onions in food so my grandkids can't see it but I get all the flavor of them. Everyone should have one of these. Love it love it

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1/22/12 9:43 A

I love my bullet! I use it mostly for making kefir smoothies, so good and good source for probiotics!

1/10/12 9:59 P

I love the magic bullet..... Especially the free juicer that came with it..... Have juiced all kinda of fruits and veggies that I otherwise would never eat!!

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1/9/12 7:10 P

I like to make myself frappe's. They are not as good as the fat-full ones at McDonalds but I still enjoy them. I freeze my hubbys left over coffe in ice cube trays. (I've done with normal ice cubes to but it waters down as it melts so depends how strong you want it.)Then add about 4 of the cubes, fill the cup about 3/4 way with cold coffee and skim milk. I also add some sugar-free coffee flavoring. After I blend I top off with cool-whip free. It gives me the feeling of a icey treat with not near the calories.

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1/5/12 9:04 A

I've had a Magic Bullet for years & it's worked great for me. I mainly use it for smoothies, but I've also tried scrambled egg omelets, pureeing homemade soup and chopping ingredients for recipes (like dicing walnuts for banana bread).

My smoothie recipe:
6 oz yogurt (i switch between plain greek yogurt, yoplait strawberry, yoplait peach, etc)
3/4 c to 1 c of fruit, fresh or frozen
top it off with a few ounces of either milk or juice - i pour in enough liquid to mostly cover the other ingredients
optional: add a scoop of protein powder
I've noticed that if I don't have enough liquid, it won't blend well. So sometimes I add extra juice after I've blended it for a few seconds.

Scrambled egg omelets:
1-2 eggs
shredded cheddar
diced deli turkey
green peppers
salt & pepper to taste (i like a dash of hot sauce too)

put all the ingredients in & blend. Then pour into a skillet to cook.


HBOOH19 Posts: 21
1/3/12 4:22 P

Snoopy, thx for the tips! Also, that dip/dressing sounds GREAT! I am making it a dip. I imagine I just drop the half&half to make it a dip right?

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
1/2/12 7:57 P

You have to put stuff in the magic bullet in order. Not sure why. It happens to me to.
You need to put liquid or whatever is wet goes in last. Then when you flip it over, it is on the bottom ( where the blades are )

Place ingredients in this order
Then mix

Then mix

I use mine mostly for smoothies and chicken salad or for making my own salad dressing.

Fat Free Ranch Dressing

1 cup fat free mayo
1 cup fat free sour cream
1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (dry mix)
1/4 cup fat free 1/2 & 1/2

Place all ingredients in your Magic Bullet and mix

Place in a glass jar with cover so it is easy to shake and store.

Makes an excellent veggie dip too .

Only 50 calories per 1/4 cup !!

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1/1/12 4:31 P

I mainly use it to make smoothies, salad dressing and chop up dried herbs.

HBOOH19 Posts: 21
12/31/11 2:30 P

Hi! Thank you for the response. I followed what the book said and put it in the small cup. I will try it in the large cup and see if that helps. ;)

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12/31/11 1:29 A

We had one that was great for smoothies, salsas and little jobs and chopping (eventually the motor does burn out). It is so good for portion control--when I make a smoothie in my Vitamix, I end up with enough for a whole family.

Do you think there was enough room in the container you used (were the chicken and apple packed in?)?

HBOOH19 Posts: 21
12/30/11 4:46 P

Hi! I got a Magic Bullet for Christmas. I was so excited! However, I have a couple of questions for anyone that has one. Could you get it to work? Also, do you know any healthy recipes? Not just for smoothies, although smoothie recipes would be good too! ;)

I tried to make a chicken salad with Perdue Salad Chicken Cuts, fat free mayo, honey crisp apple, walnuts, celery, and pepper. I followed the directions for using the bullet to process the salad, but it would not chop it and mix it! I actually had to dump it and do it myself. emoticon
It was actually very tasty. But, the bullet didn't do it's job. Is this common? Does it not work, or was it just me?

Thanks for any responses! ;)

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