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1/25/14 9:36 A

Some interesting responses from everyone. One of the most interesting thing I noticed is that there seems to be countering thoughts on whether or not it's best to eat prior to working out.

I have heard from a television show personal trainer that is important to eat something small when you first wake-up. Doesn't have to be a full meal - it could be half a banana. The point is to alert your body that it's time to wake-up and start burning calories. You should then work-out after that small meal and eat a larger fuller meal after your work-out since your body will be in full-on calorie burning mode.

That morning I ate half a corn muffin prior to working out. I was also working out much earlier than usual since I had something to do at my regular work-out time. I usually eat a bit of fruit when I wake up so the corn muffin was an anomaly. Maybe that triggered it. I felt better after lying down and eventually did another DVD in the late afternoon although I no where near completed my work-out.

I like the advice someone gave to listen to our bodies to guide us. I didn't lose any weight this week, but I didn't gain any either. I'm going to keep going and not let this hold me back.

1/25/14 9:12 A

If I push too hard I feel nauseous after a workout too. Lose the color in my face, and feel sick. Maybe related to under hydration. Listen to your body. It will guide you.

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
1/25/14 8:36 A

Something similar happened to me when I was in college. It was because I hadn't eaten anything before going to the gym and my blood pressure got really out of whack. The trainer had me lay on the floor with my feet elevated. From then on I learned to always eat something before working out.

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1/24/14 12:45 P

first off - make sure your blood pressure is okay. If you haven't had a physical in a while, schedule one

I'll have symptoms similar to the OP when I'm doing HIIT or Tabata and it's too hot. I also get queasy just about every time I do burpees. Something about that fast movement from standing to prone when my heart rate is way up just does not agree with me.

the personal training facility I go to gets way too hot for me. She cuts the heat back, but anything above about 68 is just too hot when I'm inside and there is no air moving.

if it's because you are too hot, one way to cool off fast is to hold your water bottle (COLD of course) against the pressure points in your neck or on your wrists. That helps me recover from the "I'm gonna puke" feeling faster than anything.

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1/24/14 12:17 P feeling is that if you aren't occasionally hitting some sort of wall, you probably aren't working out hard enough.

Did you eat too close to your workout time? I can't eat within about 90 minutes of an intense workout or something like this will happen. Could you be coming down with a stomach bug? There is one going around--nationwide.

Make sure that you are well hydrated, take the rest of today off...and then try again tomorrow to see how you feel.

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1/24/14 11:42 A

Similar sickness happened to me too after an intense weight lifting workout. I have learned not to push it so much after that event. From time to time, if the workout is a bit too intense, I still feel similar discomfort although it is not so intense as to be called "sickness". Also, it is commonly known that people can vomit after intense weight lifting workouts. I think it is the response of the body to a disproportionate increase in the intensity of a workout.

I would get checked out by a physician. If everything seems to be OK, I would watch the intensity of my workouts. Pushing too much can be counterproductive.

1/24/14 9:38 A

I would rest for the day. Some things to consider:
1. Are you eating enough and drinking enough water?
2. Are you getting enough sleep?
3. Are you coming down with something like a cold that might be messing around with your ears?

It could also be unrelated to your exercise. Did you eat anything unusual yesterday? Did you switch vitamin supplements? (I ask because my boyfriend gets nauseous if he take an iron coated vitamin).

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1/24/14 9:04 A

Hey all,

So it was just a regular morning and I was up doing my exercise. I've been exercising 6 days per week following the Brazil Butt Lift work-outs. They come with a calendar that says which DVDs to do each day and then I normally go down to the gym to lift or do cardio depending on which day of the week.

This morning, the calendar told me to do two DVDs: Bum Bum (an intense cardio) and High and Tight (toning exercise using ankle weights). These two DVDs amounted to 70 minutes of working out. Afterwards, I was planning on heading to the gym to do a cycle of lifting that I normally do for about 30 minutes.

After the 35 minute Bum Bum work-out, I started the next DVD (I've been doing these work-outs for four weeks now without issue) and I suddenly felt extremely sick - nauseous, freezing cold, and dizzy. I was in my bathroom for forty minutes feeling close to throwing up. I wound up shutting off the DVD and lying down.

I'm feeling better now - but I feel like maybe I should just nix the rest of my work-out plans and take it easy. Has anyone ever experienced this? Very strange...

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