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6/26/12 8:53 P

A bit sore but not anything like I thought I'd be, the training must've paid off - thanks for the support - it was fantastic and I'd recommend it to anyone

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6/26/12 10:53 A


Cape Cod stands out to me in a post. I lived in Boston and spent a summer on Cape Cod.

Are you sore now? The ride for charity, with all the regular people, sounds wonderful. Good job.

6/25/12 5:16 P

this weekend I completed the multiple Sclerosis charity ride from Boston to Cape Cod
156 miles of amazing scenery and fun over 2 days.
While, alas, I lost no weight in my training for it (I did burn over 10,000 calories in the ride itself) - I am fitter AND more importantly, my self esteem for being able to achieve a seemingly impossible goal is -sky high, and so, I am re-determined to tackle my excess weight (another challenging goal) following on from doing something that was physically hard and worthwhile at the same time. Several months of steadily increasing training meant that while the ride was a real effort, it was not an unpleasant one and I was able to enjoy it from rainy beginning to blazing sunny end.
I will say that much to my surprise there were many people a lot heavier than me on the ride, it was a large group of real people (old, young, fat, thin, male, female and even with a small scattering of athletes).
anyone needing impetus to exercise, I can't think of anything better than committing to a "do good" charity, especially if you can join a team to get support even more.
p.s. if you like bicycling and live near New England, this is surely an awesome way to explore a beautiful part of it.

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