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CRANSOM5 Posts: 6
11/18/13 4:40 P

I started the 5/1 program July 8, 2013. I am pleased with the program. My starting weight was 227 and my current weight is 184. It's been awesome for me.

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8/14/13 8:05 P

We are not telling you to leave, only letting you know that in general, Sparkpeople does not support crash diets nor extreme diets of this nature.

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8/14/13 7:47 P

Medifast is not healthy or a lifestyle change. It is a quick-fix diet that does not have lasting effects. I observed a coworker lose 100 lbs on Medifast and then gain it all back when she started eating normal again. I would highly recommend against it. And I think most people on Spark would feel the same way. This isn't a site for unhealthy diets such as medifast. You would get a lot further on your healthy journey by ditching the diet drinks and learn how to eat healthfully.

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MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/14/13 6:45 P

Hi Patti, in general this board is a place for people following the Spark program (i.e. making a lifestyle change that involves learning how to sustainably lose weight and keep it off safely, while incorporating exercise and eating at least 1200 calories) and we generally do not support extreme diets that have people eating less than 1200 calories or other methods that are potentially unsafe unless directed to do so by their doctor.

The Medifast and Spark programs are directly at odds with each other and the other poster was simply suggesting that if you want encouragement on your particular program, you will more certainly get it through Medifast. You're welcome to stay and learn about what we're doing, but it is not necessarily an open board for everyone "regardless what they do" - it's a Spark board. We will always encourage eating whole foods, at least 1200 calories (and more), and avoiding supplements and programs that make one lose more weight in their wallet than on their person.

8/14/13 11:30 A

Is this not a place for all people to get healthy regardless what they do? Or is this only for people who are on Spark Products?? I saw lots of other people here discussing Medifast so thought we could group together... Now I feel like as a Community Leader of this page you are telling me to leave? Is that the case?

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ANARIE Posts: 13,200
8/12/13 2:37 P

With what Medifast charges, I think you should use *their* resources that you already paid them for. Coming here for support is kind of like holding your Ronald McDonald Fan Club meeting at the Burger King.

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8/12/13 10:11 A

Who here is currently doing or has done the Medifast 5&1 program? I thought it would be great to join together to support one another on the journey.

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