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12/14/12 2:13 P

I watched people via youtube do her cleanse. Yes, her face was illuminating, but it did that before the cleanse to. Its amazing how more clear liquids in our diet do that. In Nutrition clas 101 at GCC, I learnt that eating 35 gm. of fiber daily helps cleanse the body.. Eating Raw foods and drinking non caffeine drinks has immediate weight loss. Cooking from the natural form and avoiding processed foods as much as possible is what the body needs. Unless, it is Dr. related, the master cleanse just empties you out. Try fasting from sun up to sun down. Winter months are shorter like an 8 hr day. You feel empty and your doing your digestive tract a great break from overworking it 365 for however many years you are eating. I decided not to do the cleanse, who knows what harsh sided effects besides diarreah, kidney stones and cramps. The body is meant to be fed, feed it well and reap its rewards. Being that said, I hope watching my portions on everything and increasing exercise at some point will result with good news soon.. (((huggies to you'll)))

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12/14/12 11:10 A

emoticon Thanks guys!! I'm over that idea now. LOL

Have a great weekend!!!

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12/12/12 2:06 P

It is true anyone can ask a question on the spark message board. They need to be prepared they may not like the answer..

I have done many things before I found Spark People. If I can offer anyone advice and keep someone else from doing it. That is what I am going to do. I cannot be supportive of something that I know caused me great pain.

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12/12/12 1:47 P

I am so glad that you decided against the cleanse.

That salt water stuff was really dreadfully salty. Ocean water is not as salty.

I have also done the all fruit cleanse and juice cleanse, I recommend avoiding those, too.

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12/12/12 12:18 P

lol we only debate because we care! If we didn't care, we'd all just be silent or say "whatever...its all good".

Good luck with your journey, btw!

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12/12/12 12:11 P

Hey guys!!!!

Ok, surely didn't mean to cause any hostility between anyone. LOL Can't we just all get along??? LOL

SnowJester, SDRochelle and AM Morris and everyone else, Thanks you so much for your input. For all the nay-sayers, you'll be happy to learn that I decided NOT to do this cleanse. And one of you mentioned something about "excuses." I DO workout out and I DO know how to eat right. If you came to my house you would see very little junk food if any. And if there is any it's mainly for the kids. My "junk food" consists of all natural dark chocolate and almonds, stuff from Trader Joes!!! (one of my favorite places to go!!)

So again, i WILL NOT BE DOING THE MASTER CLEANSE.... I still believe, however, that the human body can sometimes use a little help with filtering out the bad stuff. My opinion. Whatever!!! But I will choose to do something else that consists of actually EATING!!!

Anyway, thanks again. PEACE!!!

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12/12/12 10:03 A

Sure, everyone has the right to ask whatever question he/she wants. But be ready for answers you may not want. I would always say that if it works don't mess with it; your digestive system that is. If you mess with it, you have great chances of damaging it. Just my two cents.

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12/12/12 9:54 A

I did the cleanse, so here's an opinion straight from the horses mouth. It's ridiculous. Your stomach is not going to be smaller. The second I was off the cleanse I binged. It's downright impossible not to.And then I felt sick, but I couldn't stop eating. My poor body was a mess. Sure it was exciting watching the scale drop every day,but then it was just sad watching it race back up. You gain back all the weight plus some in maybe four or five days.

Don't bother. It's just going to make you lose weight for a short amount of time then gain it all back. And you'll feel dizzy and exhausted.I mean dizzy to the point where I got out of bed and promptly fell down to the floor. There was absolutely no benefit. I say this as someone whose done numerous fasts and even joined a fasting team. I've finally realized it's time to just eat right and exercise and stop looking for a quick fix. There isn't one.

12/12/12 7:35 A

you are correct...everyone has the right to ask a question. that was never an issue with this thread.
And this question was answered by several members using valid, scientific evidence.
The Master Cleanse is a scam weight loss technique.

Dietitian becky

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12/11/12 11:21 P

STEPHEN_NANNY...did you even fully read my post? I stated that someone I know had tried it (more than once) and each time GAINED HIS WEIGHT LOSS BACK, and became a rather irritable person in the interim.

My defending a person's right to ask a question, does not mean I necessarily think that what they are asking about is the healthiest thing on the planet (not that I haven't tried the non-healthy AND the healthy options myself over the course of many years).

I personally feel that EVERYONE here on SP, and everywhere else in the world, has the right to ask a question that other people may shoot down. And if a person can't come here to ask questions regarding health/weight loss/depression and the host of other topics that are all so intricately related, where can they go?

Please re-read my post. I did not say "I knew a guy who knew a guy who did this and it worked".

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12/11/12 8:32 P

Sorry SDROCHELLE, but if people feel reluctant to post junk science ideas at a site that freely admits to promoting healthy, scientific-based eating regimes because of negative responses from site members AND staff, well...them's the breaks, and if they can't defend their positions with anything more than "I knew a guy who knew a guy who did this and it worked!", then it frankly boils down to the spreading of ignorance.

There are people here desperate to get healthy, and desperate to lose weight. It is a grind. And on a bad day/week/month, out of frustration and a lack of instant results, people will buy whatever snake-oil is being peddled because what's the worst that could happen? I suppose you could stick to the point that our differences make the world go round and interesting...and that includes snail-oil and their salesmen.

For is good that people can come and ask about different approaches, because maybe they'll get authoritative info and become wiser. But you have to be able to handle it when people lower the hammer on unproven schemes that not only have no positive effect, but that can actually be harmful.

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12/11/12 8:14 P

Let me give it to you straight, there is no such thing as a "cleanse" our body needs. Our bodies do that naturally. We pee. We poop. We throw up when we injest something our bodies can't handle. Cleanses and detoxes don't work.

Next, "master cleanse" in particular is not going to work. You drink this vile concoction for 2 weeks (or however long you can handle it) and lose... water weight! Congratulations! You have the exact same amount of body fat! Oh, and when you do go back to eating again, you're actually going to gain weight. But not "water weight" because the weight you gain will certainly be real.

Lastly, the drink is disgusting. I tried it one time just to see what it was like, and no joke, 30 seconds after I drank it, I projectile vommited all the way from my kitchen to my bathroom. Burning peppery, lemony, sickening sweet, putrid vomit. It. Was. Horrible.

I'm sorry, I don't mean for this to be harsh. But this is a healthy LIVING website. This is not a "come here and find a way to lose 10 lbs in a week" website. I mean, even just by looking around in the forums, or on your main page when you log in, you can SEE this site promotes healthy living, healthy weight loss, and long term weight management. I just don't get why people repeatedly ask the same questions that they already know the answer to. "Master Cleanse" is a joke, a waste of money, and clearly not a way to lose weight.

Why drink that crap and be miserable, when you could eat real food and lose real weight instead? It seems like common sense to me... But obviously I can see by the previous posts that you're not going to be taking anyones advice, not even the SP Dietician, so this is probably just wasted breath.

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CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,915
12/11/12 7:13 P

The best cleanse you can do:

#1 Take a garbage bag into your kitchen and "cleanse" your cupboards, refrigerator and pantry of all the junk and processed food.

#2 Think of all the excuses you have not to work out. Write them on a piece of paper and put that paper into the garbage bag of junk food. "Cleanse" your mind of all those lame excuses.

12/11/12 7:04 P

This is not one of those "opinion" type questions.

This is a question that can easily be answered by science, research, and the understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Cleanses do bring about weight loss (or a change in the reading on a scales)...Why---because you are not eating food for days. every 3500 calories = basically 1 pound lost. It also can bring about a state of dehydration (which also shows itself as weight loss on a scale). Are any of these appropriate and effective for a safe, long term weight loss---for the learning of new habits--for the changing of one's environment for the improvement of health? No... therefore this is not an appropriate weight loss approach.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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12/11/12 5:51 P

Hi MALA77...I have a friend/co-worker that used to do that cleanse once every couple years or so. His MC consisted of fresh lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water, if I recall. He actually did lose weight each time, but truthfully, he gained most of it back. It was interesting to watch because he'd become irritable and less energetic a few days in...which is to be expected, I'm sure...I only found it interesting because he is usually annoyingly optimistic & energetic and the most even-keeled person I've ever met in my life. ;)

That said, like you, I believe that our differences in opinion and ways of doing things are what makes this Earth go round. I'm glad that we are not all the same (that would be like living in a world full of robots).

And just FYI, I didn't find much support when I posted a message about the cleanse I tried, either. I appreciated everyone's comments, but it would have been really nice if a couple people that may have actually tried the cleanse would have piped in and gave me their perspective on how it worked (or didn't) for them. Maybe they were a little intimidated by the expected responses. I think that SP is very supportive most of the time, but when it comes to cleanses, we are on our own. emoticon

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12/11/12 5:13 P

Like I said, I guess I feel like because the stomach would be smaller (I guess) from not having eaten, it will force you to eat less.

Trust me folks, I know how to eat healthy, Been doing it for years,..... with the exception of a few set backs like the last 6 weeks. But ok, I get your point guys. It's ok for people to have different ways of thinking and viewing things.

Thanks again!!! emoticon

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12/11/12 5:06 P

In what way is depriving your body of necessary nutrients in the name of junk science (show me ANY credible, peer reviewed studies vindicating so-called cleanses) a good way to "jumpstart healthier eating"?

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12/11/12 4:50 P

This cleanse does nothing to clean anything from your body.
It does not remove toxins from your body either.
Things that need to be cleaned or removed from your body are done so by your kidneys, intestines, respiratory and circulatory systems...that is why you breath, have blood circulating, pee and poop.

This is just an extreme way to cut food intake and dehydrate your body. No support for the master cleanse---it is a big scam and hoax.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

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12/11/12 4:47 P

Hi Kristen... my name is Kristen too!!

A fruit "cleanse" is something I have considered as well. And I know that would be a lot easier to do that the MC. Thanks.


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12/11/12 4:45 P

Hmm.... thanks for sharing that link. It's interesting for sure. But those are all products that people manufacture and sell. The MC is just water, pepper and lemon, nothing bad there right?

LOL I guess I am playing devil's advocate here. I still think it may be a good way to just jump start healthier eating. I could be wrong but....

Thanks all.


LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
12/11/12 4:45 P

It isn't healthy to starve yourself and give yourself diarrhea. It also does not flush toxins out of your body. Most of the weight you lose will be due to a loss of water and,.once you start treating your body right again, it will replenish the water. It is a myth that there are toxins in your body that need to be cleansed.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,670)
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12/11/12 4:43 P

Ugh, don't do it. It's so unnecessary. Eating lots of fruits and veggies and getting in at least 25 grams of fiber daily will do any "flushing" your body needs.

ANDIGATOR Posts: 127
12/11/12 4:33 P

I recommend this video/blog:

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12/11/12 4:16 P

Hi DMJAKES. Thanks for your input.

I do workout and track on here (although I have been missing for 6 weeks - but I'm back on track now). So it's not an expectation of mine that the weight will stay off because I know that once U start eating again some of it will come back. However, I won't be eating the way I have been for the past 6 weeks either so that makes a difference. I am in no way new to the fitness/weight loss game. Just wondering about trying something new, And for the money part of it, it's just water, pepper and lemon. So it's not expensive at all.

I have to disagree though about there being no toxins in our bodies. Especially with all the fast food and cookies I have been eating over these last 6 weeks. LOL But thanks for the info all.

Has anyone out there had any SUCCESS doing the MC? So far everyone is against it!! lol

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
12/11/12 4:00 P

You won't find much support for any "cleanse" or detox" here on spark......I'm going to steal the wise words of another poster here on Spark (if I could remember who I'd give them the credit).....YOUR BODY ISN'T A TOILET...IT DOESN'T NEED FLUSHING. Your body does an awesome job of eliminating waste, and if there truly are any toxins in your system, no over the counter product is going to get rid of it---you need to get to the ER right away.

The only thing those cleanses will clean out is your wallet. Some can actually mess up your digestive tract, as they throw off the balance of "good" bacteria in your system. If you do lose any weight, what's to stop it from coming right back when the cleanse is over and you return to normal eating? the vast majority of what you lose wil be water and muscle anyway, not fat.

I know it sounds tempting and they're saying all the right things to get you to think this is exactly what your body needs---but it's not. How about tracking your food here on Spark, and including some exercise in your day? Slow and steady will win the race, in a healthy AND sustainable way---a way you can live with for life, not just for 2 weeks.

MALA77 SparkPoints: (8,357)
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12/11/12 3:59 P

Well I did read about that salt thing but also read that it's optional. I can't see consuming a whole tablespoon of salt at once, even if it is diluted in water. ICK!!! And talk about high sodium.

I did do a fast years ago, I was a teen and it was just one week and just water and vitamins. I know my body is completely different 20 or so years later and after 4 kids. But I just wanted to try it even if not for the whole two weeks.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
12/11/12 3:54 P

Don't do it, it is awful! I did it and got the most horrific upset stomach and acid indigestion from the lemon juice.

And the salt water mixture that you drink with it is as strong as what the doctor will give you for a colonoscopy.


ANDIGATOR Posts: 127
12/11/12 3:54 P

I have never done a cleanse, personally. But a nutritionist told me once that anything that tells you to rid your body of "toxins" is probably BS.

MALA77 SparkPoints: (8,357)
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12/11/12 3:46 P

Hey guys... Got a question (or a few) for you...

I am thinking about trying this Master Cleanse. I know it will be tough but I feel I should try it, even if not for the whole 2 weeks. Has anyone tried it??? My cousin says that I shouldn't try it right before Christmas because of all the food temptations that will be there. But my thought is this.... If I DO do it now, I feel like my stomach wil;l be smaller and I won't be ABLE to eat as much anyway. Then she said that if I try to eat heavy foods like meat I may get sick.

Anyone have any suggestions?? Any alternatives?? Another part of this is that I need to take off some weight that I regained over the last 6 weeks and I know this will help.

Thanks for any thoughts.

emoticon emoticon

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