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6/22/10 11:01 A

how about salads with bunch of different veggies and different types of lettuce (put dressing in a different container)

pita pockets packed with hummus and veggies

fruit chopped up (fruit salad) with fresh mint and a little honey drizzle

peanut butter or cashew butter with bananna on whole wheat toast

TUESDAY19 Posts: 147
6/19/10 8:05 P

Lots of things don't need to be refrigerated at all: nuts, trail mix, apples, pudding cups, pretzels, granola bars. I also take turkey breast, cheese and mustard sandwiches which are fine if they get warm. You could also freeze a soda to maybe keep the lunch box a little cooler and it would be melted by lunch time.

CLRMORNING1980 Posts: 31
6/19/10 6:41 P

HI, I need some ideas for my husbands lunch and snacks . He works outside from 7 in the morning till usually 5 or 6 of the evening. He does fencing for a living and usually is along way from grocery stores or convenience stores. His food cooler is usually left in the truck till his breaks and lunch. We use the ice packs but with the weather being 90 and above things are not always good by the time he gets to eat them. We do the usual Peanut butter and tuna but he is tired of these. Any ideas?

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