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1/5/13 6:30 P

The lunch program at our school is pretty good. But since the boys are in sports they just don't get enough. The special needs kids get to go first and serve themselves, which is great except... Sometimes they don't use the utensils right and touch everyone else's food and sometimes they actually drool in the salad bar. This is why my boys refuse to eat school lunch. I know that in order for our schools to get federal aid the school had to make the lunches fit certain criteria. We don't have fast food in our schools, thankfully. Now if they could just figure out away to keep the area sanitary, that would be amazing. In all honesty there a lot of kids who just don't wash their hands before going to lunch. I know a couple of schools were shut down for the Norwalk virus before Christmas. They tried to blame the cafeteria at one school, but it wasn't the workers that were the problem, it was the kids touching all the surfaces going through. It doesn't take much.

Kim G

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1/4/13 11:50 P

I think parents and students need to take up a campaign about the lack of healthy food provided! Apart from weight issues, such unhealthy food affects kids concentration and exacerbates things like attention deficit disorder for those with challenges.
My daughter is 17 and I always pack her a lunch which she does carry around - usually things like some fruit, a small packet of dried fruit or a healthy bar (muesli bar), some carrots and a whole wheat roll and hummus.

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1/4/13 12:48 A

That is so hard. My boys are freshmen in high school and I send a lunch everyday. I bought lunch boxes that you can freeze, no ice packs to take up space. They do have lockers, but they really don't use them. There just isn't enough time between classes. Even PBJ is healthier than processed food. I make my own jelly from organic fruit that I grow in the summer.

If the lunch box is a problem, orange or apple slices, carrots and broccoli don't take up much space in the front pocket of. Back pack. Possibly a protien bar, as long as it is low in calories and carbs. I sometimes find good deals on these at the canned food store. Good luck high school is so hard.


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1/3/13 5:59 P

My 16 year old step sister moved in with us a couple of weeks ago. She's a great kid but I know that her weight is hurting her self esteem, and I'd like to encourage her to change her eating habits. I cook healthy breakfasts and dinners, so that just leaves the issue of lunch while she's at school. She's always complained that her school doesn't offer anything healthy to eat - I honestly thought she was exaggerating until I went to check it out myself. I WAS SHOCKED!! Their choices are all fast food: Chick Fil A fried sandwich, Pizza Hut pizza or cheesy bread, or Arby's giant roast beef sandwiches with cheese. Everything comes prepackaged. On top of that, there are no lockers at her school, so she is forced to carry everything she needs for the day in her backpack. That makes sending a healthy lunch for her SO HARD. Is anyone else dealing with this problem? If you have any suggestions for me, I would be very grateful!!

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