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11/18/11 2:46 P

A general calorie breakdown could be something like:
300-400 breakfast
500 for lunch and 500 dinner
200-300 for planned snacks.

So your 444 calorie lunch would fit.


LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
11/18/11 10:29 A

I also hate most salads...only order a salad if it actually sounds good to you. Also, you have to ask for all the dressing on the side otherwise you can end up with a few hundred calories more than planned (they don't necessarily measure when adding the dressing for you and it's easy to add and extra tablespoon or two when eyeing dressing).

VEE623 Posts: 34
11/18/11 10:22 A

1550-1700 is my calorie range for the day. I have to start looking at the breakdown of carbs and proteins. Carbs tend to make it much harder for me to lose so I would like to limit them without completely eliminating them as I do love them.

11/17/11 5:37 P

444 calories for lunch would be appropriate for most weight loss calorie ranges...what is your range??
Dietitian Becky

VEE623 Posts: 34
11/17/11 4:28 P

I just started dieting on Monday. My firm provides free lunch, a $15 minimum of whatever restaurants in the area will deliver. Monday I ordered a salad with grilled chicken ( i HATE salads, just screams diet to me) and yesterday and today I ordered a whole wheat grilled chicken wrap with honey dijon, grilled onions, and cheddar cheese. Is this wrap OK? I threw it in my calorie counter and it says 444 calories. I'm brand new to all this, so I'm not really sure if thats too much for a lunch.

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