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12/5/13 4:02 P

Well! My daughter finally had her surgery on 11/20. emoticon
2day, my son went 2 see the cardiologist & is now wearing a heart monitor for 24 hrs & when the doc calls he has 2 go for a heart ecco gram. emoticon
I've been so busy I don't know what's up or down.

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11/2/13 12:34 A

Keep going.

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8/27/13 6:09 A

As you know, it's just not easy!! Don't be too hard on yourself...just keep on keeping on...

Even 10 minutes at a time is good timing for any kind of exercise, so try not to go over that each time you get started...maybe the reversal of thinking will help.

Good luck!!

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8/26/13 10:33 A

I started using SP back in 2010 because I weighed 210 lbs. emoticon I was told my by orthopedic surgeon that I had to start losing the weight by the time he was going to do the TKR.
I had a very hard time w/just walking on the treadmill because I had no cushioning between the bones in my knee. emoticon Even though I wore my knee brace for stability, it didn't give the support I was looking for. I still pushed on w/walking.
My weight was down to 165 lbs & now it has gone up to almost 180 lbs. It's very frustrating for me because my surgeon still wants me to lose more weight to take the pressure off of the new knee & I'm on permanent weight restriction.
I tend to eat when I get upset, but usually I try to keep myself busy so I don't get that frustrated. I just started eating healthy again & I started measuring everything out now & started weight my food as well. I'm trying to eat more fruit & veggies. The fruit is really no problem eating; I'm just having a hard time eating the right amount of veggies.
I've been trying to do my xbox 360 kinect Zumba Rush & Zumba Core exercises, but my knee stiffens up & hurts bad. I can only exercise for about 15 to 30 min. It's hard for me because I was very active before I have the TKR now I have to watch what I do so it doesn't aggravate the knee.
Today, I have some yard work to do before it rains & then I have to clean out my attic. Hopefully I can get this all done w/o any problems.

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