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3/20/13 6:43 A

I think that everyone has this problem when they first start. I found that trying to beat the day before helps.

I now go for a 4 mile walk after dinner and sometimes 6 miles. I am mostly up in the 15000 to 17000 with a PB of 24000 steps (not often).

2 mile on each walk would increase your step rate.

Give it a go.

3/19/13 10:16 P

fitbit trackers are the best! i love them. I just got myself a wii fit as well. hoping it helps pack in a few more steps and increase motivation when i have my own scores to beat emoticon

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3/18/13 2:45 P

My husband just ordered a FitBit...I'll see how he likes it!

STEPH057 Posts: 252
3/18/13 2:31 P

I just got my Fitbit last week, and I'm having the same problem. I'm not getting nearly as many steps in as I thought I was - especially on non-workout days. These suggestions are all great, thanks!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,306
3/18/13 12:39 P

Most people do not have jobs that require a lot of walking. So getting 10k steps a day takes a concerted effort through walking or running for exercise, and finding ways to get those extra steps. If for example you didn't live that far from your job, you could choose to walk instead of driving and get some mileage in.

I've seen it suggested that once you figure out how many steps your average day includes, up that by 500 steps a day per week. So if you're getting 5000 steps, next week try to get to 5500 per day. And the week after that, up it to 6000 steps per day. It's just a suggestion-- nothing says you can't wait to up it some, for two weeks instead of one. Or just up it 100 or 200 steps at a time.

I've been known to put the clean clothes away one pair of underpants or socks at a time-- the laundry area is all the way at the other end of the house, from the bedrooms. I've jogged in place while waiting for the water to boil, so I can cook pasta. I routinely park farther from the store, just to get the extra steps in. You can get up and march in place during the tv commercials or use that time to rush around picking up stuff and putting it back where it belongs.

When I bring in groceries, I no longer weigh myself down like a pack mule and try to get it all in the house in one or two trips-- I'm happy to make more trips and get the extra steps. If the phone rings, the dogs need to go out, or something needs to be gotten from the other end of the house-- I spring up before my DH can move, so I can get the steps.

Same thing at work; if someone needs to get up to do something, I'm out of my chair like a shot. Instead of sending someone in the building an email, get up and go talk to them. Every time you get up to use the restroom, take "the scenic route" and use a restroom that isn't the closest to your desk. Depending on how long your breaks and lunch are, use a little of the time to take a walk.

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3/18/13 12:22 P

Park the furtherest away from the store when you go shopping, if you can't walk to the store (I can't). Take the stairs instead of the elevator. When unloading the car, make a trip for each bag. Get up to talk to someone instead of emailing them at work. There are a bunch of little things that will add up.

LOTUS737 Posts: 4,630
3/18/13 11:31 A

I agree it's definitely hard! On sedentary non-workout days I was lucky to get to 3k when I first got my little fitbit! Now, like you, I try to get up and move more throughout the day. I pace while watching tv sometimes or walk around during the commercials. Now on those types of days I get around 6k calories- on days I workout I'm up to 8k-9k (I usually do about 3 mi during workouts). The other thing that's been helping me since it's warming up here is going for walks on my 'off' days. Keep working at it and you'll be able to increase your numbers! I'm definitely still working on it myself :)

3/18/13 9:43 A

I read on alot of msg boards that alot of people get 10000 steps a day. I have a desk job and even though i do get up to take little walks i do need to get work done. When i first got my step counter I wore it just to see how many steps I get on a regular day without TRYING to get the extra steps like i do now. It was only 2500. I have now doubled that to make sure i get at least 5000 before i go to bed but how in the world do people find the time to get 10000? It probably doenst help that its winter time and i hate the cold so most of my exercise is indoors. emoticon

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