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1/27/12 10:28 A

What is your average heart rate when working? If your average when working is above 90bpm, a heart rate monitor may help estimate your calories burned due to your active job.

You still need to exercise to get fit and to burn calories (in a typical cardio exercise you work out at 135bpm; in a typical HIIT, you go as high as 150bpm on the average - the maxima are even higher). Your active job cannot be counted as exercise, but will certainly help you lose the fat. But the most important is that you track your calories consumed.

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1/26/12 4:35 P

Hi Katie

I wouldn't count it as exercise, but you might need to eat more to compensate for having an active job. Here's an Ask the Expert that will explain in more detail:

Coach Jen

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1/26/12 4:19 P

In my opinion it counts as exercise.You raise your arms,lift heavy stuff,bend down.Try going to Academy and buy yourself a pedometer.Around $17 and up.Get a good one though.10.000 steps or more is 5 miles.Go online if you have trouble setting your stride into it,the company will guide you on how to...GOOD LUCK!!

1/26/12 4:03 P

Katie, it means you're active during the day (which is awesome) but it doesn't count as formal exercise.

Hope that helps.

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1/26/12 3:13 P

I don't think it would count as a workout, but when you are setting up your account I think they ask what kind of lifestyle you lead? That's where you would pick a level that includes more vigorous activity as part of everyday life which will probably give you a higher calorie range.

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1/26/12 3:01 P

Hi everyone! I'm new to the site and I had a question for you. I work at Lowes (the huge home improvement store) which means I walk A LOT! It's usually fast walking but not always consecutive. I'm always on my feet and lifting things and moving around so I was wondering how that would fit into the workout plan. It must burn calories but how many. I did buy a pedometer today, but I still need to know how to calculate everything. Thanks!

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