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6/1/13 9:30 P

My husband has been restricted to 1800 mg a day of sodium for the past 3 years. The best investment we made when he was discharged from the hospital is purchasing a cookbook put out by the American Heart Association. It has MANY recipes for low-salt and salt-free seasonings. My husband loves to make chili and taco flavored foods but traditional chili powder has too much sodium in it. We found a recipe for homemade chili powder with NO Salt in the book and no longer buy premade. We have a local Amish Grocery store where we purchase our spices in bulk so it makes creating our own seasoning mixes really inexpensive compared to the price of prepared seasonings in the grocery store. We also found a substitute for alfredo sauce and cream of chicken soup which we used to eat all the time but once we found out how much sodium were in them we stopped buying the premade product and started making our own.

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5/29/13 5:33 P

There is a Taco seasoning (lower sodium version) in the recipes that I have been using. My husband has not noticed a difference.

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5/27/13 2:20 A

I try to go low-salt too. I find that in almost any of the recipes I can reduce the salt by half, and it still tastes good. One exception is in baking -- I skip the recipes with traditional leavenings because of the sodium, and go for recipes leavened with yeast or egg whites. In main and side dishes, I use fresh ingredients or the no-salt prepared ones, increase the spices, and sometimes add lemon or lime juice if it's that kind of recipe, to increase the taste level. I experiment and write a note on the recipe about how it came out, with the lesser amount of salt.

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4/27/13 8:01 A

I would like to find some recipes for lower sodium diets. Although almost all the recipes sound wonderful, when I look at the sodium, I realize that I can't have it. Need to keep the sodium to 1700 mg. a day, and that just leave much wiggle room!

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