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1/24/12 10:18 P

Thanks for the heads up.. I definitely needed to hear that last statement. Even though I know not to use heavy weights I typically just forge straight ahead and do EXACTLY what I shouldn't and then I end up sore for DAYS!!! I will definitely take heed this time because I don't want to be sore. Again, I don't mind my upper body being sore, but I don't like the lower body being sore - I can't move when that happens!! Once I get my momentum, I hope to keep going. it's always harder to start again than it is to keep doing it!!

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1/24/12 9:20 P

You're welcome. The other thing for someone returning to ST is to not get too worried about using weights that are too light at first. It's really about getting accustomed to the movement again. After a couple of weeks you'll have a good sense of what your reps should be for a given weight.

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1/24/12 9:33 A

Thanks so much EMMANYC!! I will certainly put this into practice. It definitely looks like it's a great 'break-in' routine for my legs and will minimize soreness - which is definitely what I am looking for. I appreciate you taking the time to write all of this out for me!!

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1/23/12 9:32 P

I usually get back into a strength training routine but following a 1-2-3 set progression over 3 weeks, so you might think of something like the following

Week 1 - Three exercises, 1 set each
Week 2 - Four exercises, 2 sets of each
Week 3 - Five exercises, 3 sets of each

A variation would be in week 2 to do 2 sets of the 3 exercises you started the preceding week and 1 set of the new exercise. In week 3, you'd do 3 sets of the 3 exercises you started with in week 1, 2 sets of the exercise you added in week 2, and 1 set of the exercise you add in week 3.

In terms of reps, it will depend a bit on how you feel, but how about aiming for 8-10 reps of each exercise in week 1, between 10-15 in week 2, and between 12-20 in week 3?

I also would alternate upper body and lower body exercises in your day's routine, instead of doing multiple exercises focusing on the same muscle group in weeks 1-3. Then, after you've got a few weeks under your belt, you could start doing super sets.

Some possible exercises

Week 1
- Squats (or squats with your back pressed against a balance ball against the wall, if you want the support)
- Step-ups
- Clamshell (for hip flexors and glutes)

Week 2
- Same as above, plus
- Bridges or one-legged bridges

Week 3
- Same as week 2, plus
- Lunges

I also would recommend that you start with bodyweight exercises, and then add weights later.

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I am not new to fitness but I am trying to get back to eating healthy and exercising. I was pretty big into body building several years ago and so I'm very familiar with the different types of exercises. My problem is not with knowing which exercises to do. I am asking for advice because normally when I get back into a routine, I do way too much too soon. I can stand for my upper body to be sore, but not for my lower body. So this is my question - can anyone recommend a good 'breaking in' routine with numbers of sets and reps?? I don't mind being sore, but I don't want to be so sore that I can't walk up and down steps or do my evening walk.

If this has already been posted before, I apologize in advance!

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