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8/24/11 5:09 P

I make a ton of broths and stocks, especially chicken (I often cook the chicken for my dogs) and vegetable. I've really only recently started with the veggie broths but they have been great making soups. I basically toss in whatever veggies I have on hand with the exception of green and red peppers usually because they will discolor the water sometimes. Typical things I toss into my big stock pot when making veggie broth include the following:
A large onion, halved
A couple of cloves of garlic that I smash (but don't bother peeling)
Celery (the ends with the leaves are GREAT and give lots of flavor)
Mushrooms (great way to use up stems)

Right now, I usually have some fresh herbs that I toss in as well to add flavor - flat leaf pasley, basil, oregano, thyme, etc.

You only want to let vegetable stock simmer for 30 minutes to an hour - after that you run the risk of it getting bitter. Strain everything and season to taste using as much or as little salt as you'd like!

I use the broth a lot of times to saute in rather than using oil as well.

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8/23/11 5:32 P

I love artichokes! Yum! Thanks so much.

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8/23/11 12:13 P

That worked ok, it looks delcious.
Thank you, again.


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8/23/11 12:04 P

Thank you, I am sure I will. I like artichokes.


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8/23/11 11:25 A

Here is the link for the Artichoke Soup. Sorry about the "technical difficulty" and I hope that you enjoy the soup!

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8/23/11 11:20 A

So sorry about that. I will check the links again and send it to you...

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8/23/11 11:17 A

The one it showed me looked good. It would not show me the first one on of the 3 recipes.


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8/22/11 2:31 P

I love making homemade soups (it's one of the best ways I've found to get my kids to eat veggies!) I've posted a few of my favorite soup recipes on my food blog, SiciLean. I don't cook with a lot of salt, so you might like to check them out. Here is the link. Enjoy!

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8/11/11 10:57 P

Thanks so much! I remembered late last night that my mom used to take all the left-over turkey bits ( after we had eaten almost every last bit) and did this. As I said, I am not a cook but I am trying really hard. Thanks again! :-)

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8/11/11 10:11 A

I agree with the making of your own stock. I find silicone muffin-trays the best thing for freezing, then you unmold and keep in a plastic bag. Any good ice-cube tray is just as good for slightly more work. (Muffin trays are bigger, and it's easy to force a soft-mold stock into the form.

My hubby and I get into minor arguments about whether boneless or bone-in meat is a better value for the money. I bring taste into my equation, since cooking the bones alongside the meat you stripped from them adds something even if they don't make it into stock. He's arguing weight, even cheaper per pound does not equal savings vs. weight, no matter how useful the bones are.

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8/11/11 5:18 A

You can use chicken carcass, simmered gently with maybe bit of onion and carrot/celery.

Same with other bones, even fish.

then strain and its stock!

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8/10/11 9:06 P

I am not much of a cook but I am trying. Two days ago I made a soup (It was delicious!) but was really bothered by the amount of sodium in packets of broth. I realize there is low-sodium (still at 22% for one cup!) and no-sodium packets. What I would like to know is how I can make a broth without the packets. I added lots of garlic and onion to my recipe. I also added chili powder, cumin, pepper, basil and pepper. I want all the flavors to come from spices. Any suggestions in making the broth?

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