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If you have an empty freezer and about four hours free on a weekend, you can blanch the skins off of fresh tomatoes and give up the canned variety. Beans can be done from dried to freezer in that same block of time if you have enough cooking pots.

My beans and rice recipe calls for one can of kidney beans, one can of whole or crushed tomatoes, one can of dry rice, and two cans full of water. Throw the whole thing into a rice cooker for one cycle, then hit it hard with a strong-flavor hot sauce when it comes out.

Now hot sauce does look like it has a lot of sodium, but an equal amount of chili powder barely has any, and the nutrition facts for paprika aren't listed on my bottles. Either of those are also good to provide the recipe with flavor. (Or you could puree hot peppers in a bit of vinegar.)

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Looking for things to eat that are low in salt or have no salt at all...that actually TASTE good!

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