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12/16/13 3:48 A

I hope that you are properly able to get to the bottom of the problem. Your Dr will be a really good resource for you and refer you on to the appropriate professional should the need arise.

Take care,

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12/15/13 4:36 P

Thanks for the timely responses!

My Dr hasn't contacted me yet, I just have access to the results via lab computers. Acceptable levels of lipase are 22 U/L to 50 U/L and I tested at 13 U/L. My blood sugar is ok, but I am slightly high on my LDL cholesterol and right at the upper limit with my triglycerides, which would make sense given the low lipase level. I will be anxiously awaiting what my Dr says and until then I will just have to remove all negative ideas from my mind!

Thanks Becky for the input on diet!

12/15/13 4:31 P

As a biochemist, I know you will understand when I tell you that this site, our members, and our experts can not accurately or safely answer your question.

The interesting thing about most blood tests is that they are used as just "one marker" in the medical diagnosis. Your doctor will need to do a complete assessment, and look at all signs and symptoms, labs out of range, etc---to determine the diagnosis and then the appropriate treatment.

Looking for a "diet" to correct a low lipase lab value is not the way this works.

I am hoping that you have your follow up appointment in the near future.
Let us know.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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12/15/13 3:55 P

You had a blood test done so I assume your doctor ordered it and gave you the results. Did he or she say anything at the time? Or did you just get the results in the mail? There's usually a range from low to high. Was it very much below the low range?

How's your blood sugar, etc? A doctor is the person who responsibly 'connects all the dots.' It sounds like your doctor is 'on it. If it was a very serious condition, I'm pretty sure you'd be notified right away!

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12/15/13 3:04 P

I have been having an extremely hard time losing weight recently and gaining weight for no apparent reason. I was following the same nutrition and exercise programs that I was for the past year (where I was able to lose weight), but this time had no results.

I just got a blood test done and the results show that I have below normal levels of lipase. Has anyone ever dealt with this before and how did it affect you? I find myself always feeling bloated, and often get stomach cramps and have frequent diarrhea. I am actually a biochemist so I have a strong understanding of enzyme function, and to me if an enzyme is low then it is not fully or properly digesting it's target, but I have to wait and see what the Dr says exactly.

What type of nutrition or diet should you follow to combat low lipase levels? Thanks!

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