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9/1/13 8:54 P

I have been riding a bike. It helps versus trying to run. Walking is a better idea, methinks. Thanks for the suggestions.

Physical therapy didn't help. I have a metal plate along my fibula and screws in my tibia from when I broke it, there is only so much therapists could do. Now it's kind of up to me to figure things out.

9/1/13 8:24 P

I have also had problems with high-impact activities due to a bad knee. I am not your doctor or physical therapist (by the way if you can get into physical therapy - these people are great), but you may have some weak legs causing problems.

There are a number of great workouts you can do. I have no clue what you have access to, but cycling (stationary bike or moving bicycle), swimming, elliptical, strength training (especially for your legs if you have knee problems), and walking are all lower impact workouts. Lately I've been doing some speed walking and it's almost like jogging. For a while I would do my own made-up circuit (modified jumping jacks, squats, pushups, situps, etc.) with the activities geared towards low-impact.

Good luck!

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9/1/13 2:38 P

What about swimming (swimming laps, water jogging, water aerobics)? The rowing machine seems like it would be easy on the knees and still give you an excellent workout. What about riding a bike? If you have access to a gym, you could use the stationary bike or recumbant (sp?) bike.

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9/1/13 4:41 A

Try Spark's Limited Mobility lifestyle center for some exercise ideas

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9/1/13 1:03 A

About a year ago I broke my lower leg in two places and the doctors gave me low impact exercises, but they are horrible on my knees. Anyone have any advice on varying low impact exercises a person with bad legs can do that do not require water or equipment? As young as I am, I have done some massive damage, and it is frustrating trying to do exercises that I just cant.

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