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6/19/13 2:36 P

Thank you, Coach Jen! I appreciate your expert feedback. I am so new to this whole world of running and I have much to learn!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,761
6/19/13 2:32 P

A 5k shouldn't be long enough that you have to worry about increasing your carbs the day before, but I agree with the advice to eat a banana an hour or two before the race.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

6/19/13 1:16 P

thanks y'all, this is great advice. Normally, my energy level is through the roof with low carb, but I have noticed that I have struggled my last few runs, so I think I do need to up my carb intake a bit. And I LOVE bananas!

FARIS71 Posts: 492
6/19/13 1:08 P

Not an expert but have done some 5Ks. I usually have a banana about an hour or 2 before the race. And maybe a little extra good carbs the afternoon and evening before. Fruits. Whole grain stuff. Plenty of fluids! Good luck on the race!

6/19/13 1:01 P

Personally, I would absolutely have some healthy carb intake before a strenuous workout like that. A banana with some peanut butter and a granola bar.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
6/19/13 12:24 P

Not being a nutritionist or dietician, I can't be perfect on my advice, but how is your energy level eating low carb? I know if I have too many low carb days, my energy is NOT there.

I would recommend some at lunch and dinner. But make WHOLE healthy ones. Whole grains, etc. Maybe some fruit and nut butter for breakfast.

6/19/13 11:07 A

This Saturday, I will be running my first 5K. I am very excited and although I know I may not be able to run the whole entire way yet, I have come very far in my training. Six months ago, I wouldn't have run 5 yards, much less 5K!

My question is about eating to prepare for success. I'm a low carb eater. I have been very successful with it, so far I have lost 52 pounds. My skin has cleared and I have tons of energy, and symptoms of my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome have virtually disappeared.

I think that I should eat a few more carbs in preparation for my big run, but I don't know how many carbs I need or when I should eat them for most effect. Should I have them at dinner the night before? Is a small bowl of pasta or the carbs in a hamburger bun enough? Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

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