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DOWNEASTB Posts: 472
8/9/11 9:15 A

I have been doing a low-carb, high-fat, high-protein eating plan since late winter and the results so far have been fantastic. I've lost close to 40 pounds, 10 more to go and I know they'll go slowly so I'm not worried. I changed my intake ranges in SP to match my eating plan goals. I like SP overall, but am not crazy about their suggestion that 50% of your diet should consist of carbs. Eating like that (and I mean complex, so called "healthy" carbs) made me fat, even when I was exercising regularly. After taking carbs down to 10-15%, I have so much more energy it's unbelievable. My overall mood is 200% better too, as pointed out by those close to me. It's a great way to live, IF you can plan smart for the long run and stick with it.

BTW, Trillian, I hope you'll be successful and wish you the best of luck.

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-TRILLIAN- Posts: 2
8/8/11 9:56 P

I have bipolar disorder, which research indicates originates in the same part of the brain as epilepsy. So it's a different kind of misfire in the same place, and thus most bipolars take anti-convulsants and antidepressants.

A friend's young son has a form of epilepsy that is very treatment-resistant, is on a severe ketogenic diet - 4 parts fat, one part combined carbs and protein. Evidence has shown that a modified version of Atkin's induction phase can work for adults with epilepsy, but not enough bipolar patients volunteered for studies.

I'm doing 3 parts fat to one part combined protein and carbs, with a maximum 15g carbs per day, mostly from leafy greens. I also take apple cider vinegar, since before I started the keto diet, and now I mix 1tbsp of that with 1tbsp extra virgin olive oil, and 8 ounces of water. Kinda gross, but a good way to keep the GI happy, and get in some of the day's fat. Total daily calories: 1500.

I've just recently changed to this from an almost all carb and junk food diet, so I'm curious about what it will do!

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2/17/11 1:28 P

There is a difference between a low-carb, high protein diet and a low-carb diet. It should also be noted there is a huge difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis. One is a normal state that just shows you are burning fat for fuel and the other is a dangerous state that occurs in diabetics when their insulin regulation system has gone completely haywire. If you are burning fats, you are making ketones. I certainly hope most of you out there are trying to burn fats! Your body is also perfectly capable of making glucose for itself from the protein and fat you eat: it is called gluconeogenesis and it is what helps keep your brain happy and your blood glucose levels stable before you've had breakfast every morning. Measure the blood glucose levels of someone who has eaten nothing but meat for a month and you find it to be perfectly normal.
Typically, low-carb diets that are sustainable are getting most of the calories (60-80%) from fat, not protein. The protein is still important for helping maintain muscle mass, but the bulk of your calories come from fat. In a low-carb diet, the carbohydrates you do eat are the ones that don't freak out your insulin response multiple times per day including non-starchy vegetables, eggs and cheese.

A typical American causes his/her insulin to spike regularly, and a typical American also develops diabetes after 50 years of doing it! Does it in any way make sense that the typical dieter on here is overweight and causing their insulin to spike regularly thus leading to insulin resistance and diabetes? That is what a carb-heavy diet will do. Biochemically, if I had to choose between spiking insulin or ketones, I'd choose the latter.

REBECANOLA Posts: 3,285
2/17/11 1:04 P

90 grams of fat isn't exceedingly excessive in my opinion. I routinely eat about 70-80g of fat per day (good fats w/saturated fat from coconut oil and a small amount from meats) and protein about 120g, (net)carbs about 60 or so. But, I'm also eating 1600-1800 calories daily, and I don't know what your calorie range is. You don't have to keep to a very low carb diet to continue weight loss, so you may want to make sure that you're eating enough veggies/fruits and getting in fiber from them.

Generally, my weight loss/energy, etc. is better on a low carb way of eating so it works for me. I am not, however, in ketosis. You do want to keep a watch on your numbers (blood glucose, cholesterol, etc) to make sure that you're doing what your body needs you to do.

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2/17/11 12:38 P

I'm sure you have heard it but as a former Clinical Dietitian that worked with end stage kidney disease I feel I must...

The prolonged formation of ketones can cause organs to fail and result in gout, kidney stones, or kidney failure.

Please be sure you are working with a medical provider that is monitoring your blood work and urine profile if this is your diet of choice for an extended period of time.

Coach Tanya

NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
2/16/11 11:28 P

You can adjust the goals! It is on the nutrition page, near the top where the nutrition title is click on 'change goals' and then adjust it there.

Yes, I eat nuts pretty much daily and also have oils, coconut oil, olive oil and some canola oil.

I guess I should mention I have been eating this way since 2009, so it isn't a new way of eating for me. I have found it to be very sustainable long term, eaiser to stick to than other things.

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2/16/11 11:19 P

that's good to hear nutmeg! i wish I could adjust my fat/carb goals on my profile so i don't get guilty when I see my pie chart..

It seems amazing to eat a lot of (healthy, unprocessed) fats and still lose weight - i love it!

do you eat nuts and oils each day as well?

NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
2/16/11 11:11 P

I eat the same way. My energy is great, my weight loss is steady (when I don't mess up on the weekend and have a few adult beverages). I lost almost all of my weight this way.

Even when I go off plan on the weekends I maintain the weight loss.

My cholesterol is excellent :)

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2/16/11 10:51 P

I have been doing a ketosis diet and am not on maintenance/slower loss and have started tracking on sparkpeople. However, the amount of fat and the warnings each day in my overview are kind of freaking me out!

Obviously I am losing weight and eating unprocessed good fats, so I am wondering - is anyone else keeping very low carb (i only eat whole foods, barely processed so no bread/pasta etc) and higher in fats? And if so, how are you finding your weight loss/energy/exercise?

for example my carbs for today were at 50 and fats were at 90.

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