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4/24/13 11:14 A

The docs already know I workout and watch my diet, they had me write out a workout schedule and list my foods a couple years ago and it has not changed It has been a few weeks now and I still do not notice any changes, good or bad, so I am just waiting until I can get the levels tested again to see if it is actually doing anything or

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4/24/13 9:55 A

My urologist would give me a shot of Testosterone on every visit. He did not even test me for it. Just asked some general questions about my sex life and decided it would be good for me. I didn't notice much difference. Now that the prostate is under control I asked my regular doctor if I needed keep up with it. He gave me a blood test and told me I was a little low, but told me to go to the gym and work out four times per week with weights and make sure I was eating a healthy diet. Three months later my T dramatically increased. My regular doctor is big on changing behavior first and doing the drugs as a last resort.

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4/1/13 6:26 P

I go through the VA also, when they first tested me they said I was low but still in the "normal" category with 184. The general doctors only use one chart (basically for a 70 year old male), it does not break it down into ages like it should. I had to get a specialist to test it and they might know about different treatments that are ok for your heart condition.

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4/1/13 3:15 P

I asked my va dr about the t test, and her reply was with my heart condition even if was low we couldn!t do anything about it cause the treatments are not compatable with heart patients emoticon

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4/1/13 2:51 P

What side effects did you get? It has only been a couple days for me so I have not really noticed anything yet...

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4/1/13 2:31 P

Well uhmm....
It really makes a difference, it's like having superpowers lol... no, but seriously... I had T shots for almost a year... and it was kinda amazing... I had a lot more energy... it also made me feel hungry all the time but no matter how much I ate I didn't gain weight... also I was always in a good mood :D
But you know, IMO unless you plan to take it for the rest of your life I don't think it's a good idea to take it.. at all... well idk, I stopped getting the injections because... uhmm idk... well... but the point is when I stopped taking it, there were many ugly side-effects.... it really is like... a drug... but well, the truth is my T levels are reeeeeally low, maybe the effects won't be that evident on you... :S
good luck anyway :)

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3/31/13 6:51 P

For the last couple years my energy level has not been what it use to be, I just credited it to getting older (35 With all the ads on tv about low T drugs out there it got me thinking about my own levels. When I first asked the doctor on a regular check up he said he would do the blood work but also noticed that my blood pressure is higher than normal and it has been creeping up in the records. After reading more about high blood pressure I found out low testosterone can be a cause of it. Then after running three blood tests (triple checking it I guess) now I am starting "Testosterone Cypionate" with 1 ML twice a month.

I figured I would ask around to see about any other people experiences about this stuff. I am going to keep working out so maybe it will help me bulk a little and make it easier to lose some

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