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There are a couple of ways to do squats that will take pressure off your knees. One, do you have a stability ball ? If you have a stability ball, place the ball between a wall and your back. The ball will support your body as you do the squat.

If you don't have a stability ball, then all you'll need to do a good squat that won't hurt your knees is a stable chair.

Can you sit in the chair and get up out of it without any pain to your knees ? If so, use the chair to make sure you're using good form when doing your squats. If you can get in and out of a chair without any pain, that's how you do your squats until you can do them with good form without the chair. it will help take stress off your knees.

You can do Jillian's DVD, you'll just need to make modifications on the jumping jacks or squats/lunges. You might want to skip the lunges, do chair squats instead. For jumping jacks, just march in place or step side to side for now.

Don't try to do too much too soon or you risk re-injuring those knees.

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Have you heard about PiYo? It's a new program designed to increase functional strength and flexibility and it's completely low impact. :)

7/17/14 10:34 A

Hey guys,

In the month of May I overdid it, haha. I was doing a Jillian Michaels DVD every day and my knees paid the price for it, especially because I ended up going clubbing and wrecking my joints with low-dropping in heels.

I took it easy for June and now I'm back exercising. I'm just starting the couch-to-5k programme, I'm going into week three. I do that three times a week and I'd like to do two or three days of a workout DVD for strength.

I'm wondering should I do a Jillian Michaels one and just leave out the lunges and squats, or does anyone know of any other ones that I'd find helpful?

I would prefer a DVD or a set of exercises in video format instead of just "do exercise x,y and z," you know? Thanks in advance, guys! :)

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