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1/13/13 4:54 P

Well it is a new year! New energy, new motivations, I am finally going to do this the right way 1 lb a week at least and if I lose more GREAT! I have joined the Y and so far so great now I am here to keep up with my food.

8/6/12 7:23 P

Well I am done with day 2 of the 30 day shred and the 1st day was a killer! I am feeling it today... can hardly get up from sitting down much less sit down. I am down about 13-14 lbs since I started doing low carb and am loving it! I have tons and tons of energy!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,076
6/28/12 12:10 A

We can do this!!

6/27/12 9:11 P

Thank you I will have to check that book out, thank you for recommending it Jibbie,

Good luck with you as well Allie

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ALLIE_ME Posts: 248
6/27/12 7:42 P

I agree--that book is great! Also I recommend everyone check out his videos on Youtube. He has a lecture that is pretty much the book exactly (for those who don't like to read).

Good luck with your weight loss everyone!!! :)

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,076
6/27/12 12:26 A

You're right that you will get a lot of negatives for doing the low carb, but it works for me since I'm 62 and have metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance.
Read Gary Taubes' "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" since he says sugar/starches spike INSULIN and they set off gherlin the HUNGER Hormone, etc. Great book.

6/26/12 10:37 P

I know a lot of you are going to disagree emoticon with this way of eating, and please keep you opinions to yourself and keep on trucking emoticon I went to the Dr's to be put on phentermine and he said no and asked me to try this for 6 months. I decided I would and so I am here. I actually kinda started on 6-19-12 at a weight of 221 lbs I am currently down to 214 emoticon

I have a short term goal of 170 and a long term goal of 145-150 I am, or will be 45 years young and want to keep it that way emoticon I will be keeping track of different stuff here like interesting things I find out, my thoughts, my heart aches or food aches I should say, my workout or walks ect. if you want to be encouraging or supportive I really do appreciate it and offer the same in return

looking forward to meet you!

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