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For the top of the pot pie use mashed cauliflower with an added egg for a binder. For the insides decrease the flour from your recipe and decrease the liquid by half a cup. We use this all the time. You can also use the topping for Sheppard's pie

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I buy individual, diposable baking tins (which makes portion size a snap), mix roast chicken, low-sodium canned or homemade gravy, and any veggies you like, and top with a single canned biscuit (like Pillsbury or even Bisquick), rolled out to the size of the tin, then cook for just long enough to cook the biscuit on top. Since you decide the veggies and the type of biscuit, you can easily control the carb content, too. You can also replace the biscuit with a lower carb slice of bread, cut into a round and placed on top until toasted. Since I precook all of the inner ingredients, you're just trying to get everything hot so it's very fast. And if my eight year old son is any indication, very yummy.
My version with the canned biscuit on top has about 40 carbs, but that is using regular biscuits with green beans and corn (which have higher carbs for veggies)

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3/12/09 2:00 P

Looking for a low carb chicken pot pie recipe - any idea of where to find an EASY good one?

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