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6/26/08 9:00 A

I am so thankful for my local supermarket chain... Wegmans.

They have their own yogurt, and it's low fat, with no artificial sweeteners. I buy the Vanilla, and I love it. I am at the point where we bring it with us in a cooler when we take road trips to stay with relatives, because I don't like any other yogurt brand anymore! LOL!

JADZIA81 Posts: 37
6/26/08 12:43 A

Stonyfield Farm makes fat free organic yogurts with no artificial sweeteners, but they're 120 to 170 for 60z for the flavored ones. The plain is 80.

The problem is that fruit flavored yogurts need to have some sugar in them, and that adds calories, so you basically won't find a 60 calorie flavored yogurt made with actual sugar.

I also suggest doing fruit with fat free greek yogurt. One of my favorite desserts is frozen strawberries microwaved to be slightly warm, topped with fat free greek yogurt and a small drizzle of honey. Very delicious. And a very filling yet low cal snack.

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6/26/08 12:08 A

I totally love fat-free unsweetened plain greek yogurt. I add my own sweetener (honey) and cinnamon; it is SO good, and less than 100 cal for 1/2 cup. (My food program calculates 1/2 c plus cinnamon, vanilla extract, and 1/2 T honey at 94 calories of delicious goodness.)

6/25/08 10:40 P

I haven't had any luck finding a low cal yogurt without artificial sweetener. What I have found that works is organic nonfat plain yogurt sweetened with flavored stevia. Sweetleaf makes alcohol free liquid stevia in a number of different flavors. It's a little pricey but it lasts forever.

CHRISTINEDC Posts: 3,970
6/25/08 8:15 P

Why don't you try plain (unsweetened) yogurt? Granted, it takes some getting used to, but it has no artificial ingredients and it's low in calories. I have two suggestions if you want to try it:

1. Strain the yogurt for 30 minutes or more. The whey that straining removes is the tangy part, and the yogurt that remains will be denser, creamier, and less tart. It will be similar to Greek style yogurt.

2. Add fresh or frozen fruit right into the yogurt as the sweetener. I do this with grapes, mandarin orange slices, peaches--just about any fruit I'm planning to eat.

Good luck.

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6/25/08 8:02 P

I usually eat a 60-cal Dannon yogurt with breakfast and occasionally as a dessert-y snack. I don't really want to eat Splenda and other chemical sweeteners since generally I try to eat as organically as possible. I've checked out organic yogurt and even non-organic, but it seems like everything except Dannon Light and Fit has a lot of calories.

Does anyone know if there is a brand of yogurt that is fairly low in calories (less than 100 is preferred) but is not made with artificial sweeteners?

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