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MELISSAR415 Posts: 23
4/19/11 5:59 P

Oatmeal for breakfast will keep you full for a long time. or also egg whites which are very low in calories.

COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
4/17/11 10:13 P

Why are you on such a restricted plan? Are you under a doctor's supervision? If not, then you are eating too few calories for your body to function daily AND allow for proper growth and development. Teens have much higher nutritional needs than adults because of the rapid development going on during that time. The minimum calorie intake for a sedentary teen who is trying to lose weight is 1800 calories. Anything less than that (unless specified by your dr) is not enough and will end up slowing your metabolism down a great deal, while storing fat and losing muscle (opposite of what you want to do). Please take some time to review the Teen Nutrition Guide to get a better understanding of your nutritional needs as a teen:
. Also, I would recommend taking the time to read this Ask the Expert page, as it addresses what happens when you don't consume enough calories and nutrients that your body needs:

Coach Denise

HEATHERNC23 Posts: 25
4/17/11 8:46 P

I'm currently on a 1200 calorie (max) plan with the diet I'm on now. I aim for 1000 calories a day, and I was wondering if you have any good suggestions for low calorie breakfasts and lunches, breakfasts under 300 calories and lunches under 400-350. I want something filling that will keep me full! Thanks ;)

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