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4/17/14 1:52 P

JERF - I think the problem was that it was 91, and she still had to take Insulin, so it would drop.

To the OP - Your doses may be too much. Your goal blood sugars are supposed to be80-110, and based on what you ate, you may have had lower blood sugar. It is possible to control blood sugars with diet alone, and you experienced this on a one time basis. You need to discuss this further with your doctor, and come up with a plan. The doctor may suggest that you just skip the Insulin dose if you ate, and your glucose is still at 91 mg/dl. Eating just to raise blood sugars, so you can take more Insulin makes no sense to me.

I'm guessing most days that you have higher blood sugars, but you need to learn how ( from you doctor.diabetes counselor ), to change doses based on what your blood sugars are.

When you are taking those numbers down, after those beloved finger pokes, realize that they represent how the food you ate 2 hours ago affects your blood sugar. A hot dog in a bun will spike your blood sugar a certain amount, and will do it the same amount every time you eat it, unless you add chili, onions, relish, ketchup etc. All your foods can be given a value, and you can better determine how much Insulin you will need to counteract the meal. You can do this by testing, but can also learn what the number will be by what you eat.

So with enough study of your foods, you can know that your blood sugar will jump 85 mg/dl when you eat a hot dog on a bun, plain. So if it is 86 before you eat, then it will be 171 in 2 hours, for example, and you will also learn how much Insulin you need to take to get it back to the proper range. That is something you will have to learn with your " team ", doctor, diabetes counselor etc., not here on SP.

I would freak out if my blood sugar soared to 126, but with Insulin, you can drop faster, so I understand your reluctance to aim for 80-90, and overshoot. Your doctor can give you general help, but it will just be a guessing game, with testing, and a reaction of dosing with Insulin to counteract the spike, until you learn how each food will affect you. Other than maybe a suggestion to not take your Insulin if your glucose is in range, nothing will change much.

You are basically performing the role of your pancreas, by supplying the Insulin your body doesn't. There are two factors.. glucose, which you can control by what you eat, and Insulin, which you inject to drop it back down.

The more you know about each, the greater the control you have over where your blood sugars will be. Less glucose = Less Insulin needed and vice versa. You can control glucose levels with diet, and need less Insulin, or you can know what each food will do to your blood sugar, and know exactly how much Insulin you need, and in 2 hours when you test, be with 5 mg/dl, of where you thought you would be.

These numbers are not random, so spend the time to learn how to control them. You don't want high, OR low blood sugars. The doses of Insulin will need to change based on what you eat. This will take time, but if you are confused, make someone answer your questions, or refer you to someone who can. In time, you will be able to control blood sugars as good as anyone else, by controlling diet, exercise, and doses of Insulin.

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4/17/14 8:12 A

Interesting question, I didn't think 91 was low. My blood sugar is regularly in the 70's with no problems.

Ask your doctor.

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4/17/14 6:49 A

The previous poster is correct. Your doctor is the best one to answer this question.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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4/17/14 1:37 A

In all honesty...I'd suggest you contact your Diabetes Educator or your Physicians office for that answer! Your medications may affect you differently than others on this site,,,, and it is especially important to keep your doctor "in the know" if you are still establishing how your meds and diet are interacting....
All the Best,

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4/17/14 12:03 A

Just before my night snack I took my Blood Sugar and it was 91, I have to take 40 units of Lantus and 10 units of Humolog, so I had a Turkey Hot Dog and 1 small Dinner Roll with a little bit of butter on it and a Sugar Free Pudding. Waited and hour and checked it again, it was 119, so I had a bowl of Fruit loops and 1/2 cup milk in it. Waited 45 minutes and checked it again, it is now 126. So I think I feel safe enough to go to bed. My body is so used to having 300 - 600 blood sugars that now that the hospital got them down to normal, I am wondering if it is my body trying to ajust to the normal ones? Can you answer this for me?

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