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1/15/13 12:58 P

My go to for a sweet treat would be jello sugar free pudding cups 60 calories each-they have in a few flavors, chocolate, chocolate vanilla swirl, creme brulle, and rice pudding. I'll had a tablespoon of lite cool whip and 1 tablespoon of skippy natural peanut butter and I'm satisfied. I don't feel like I'm indulging and it kills the craving.

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1/15/13 12:33 P


I had found myself recently going back to an old habit of indulging in too much chocolate.
The usual suspects were not helping (gum, mints, water, doing something else until the craving stopped, etc). I was ending up eating 300 calories before I was satisfied.

So I looked for a better alternative which would give me what I wanted (chocolate taste!) but without the downside (calories!).

I found GoLightly Sugar Free 'Just Chocolate' Hard Candy. (sweetened with Splenda)

It's 45 calories for five pieces. I can have the lingering chocolate taste and stop after a couple of pieces. Read the label of course to see if there's any ingredients you have an aversion to.
For me, regarding Splenda - 20 or so calories vs 300 I'll take the tradeoff.

I haven't craved going to the work place chocolate bin at all this week so it's working for me.
I don't intend to eat the hard candy forever; just until the bad habit is changed. The point being - I found a way to derail the bad habit before it derailed ME!

Good luck.

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1/13/13 8:17 P

I love brownies soo much, that I worry that they could become my undoing. A coworker told me that I could make a batch of brownies using a boxed brownie mix and a can of pumpkin in place of the egg and oil... sounds a little sketchy to me, but I'll give it a whirl. They're supposed to be significantly "less bad" for you

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1/13/13 5:01 P

i love sweets too. : )

today after lunch, i had a sliced apple and a tablespoon of carmel sauce. 140 calories.
i also make strawberry shortcakes-store bought dessert shells (80 calories) and cool whip (2 tablespoons-25 caloires).
1/2 cup of edys 1/2 the fat ice cream (100 calories for the icecream) with a chopped berries, a sprinkle of chopped nuts and some cool whip.

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1/12/13 6:37 A


You definitely don't want to try an appetite suppressant. They really will mess up your system. If you find you have a sweet tooth, that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one. Treats CAN be a part of a healthy lifestyle as long as you are mindful of your portion size. I can't imagine living a life where I wasn't allowed to eat something because I was worried I'd gain weight. That's not healthy.

What to do ? You don't want to deny yourself. Telling yourself you can't have something sets you up for a binge later. Instead, allow yourself a small treat each day so that you don't feel deprived. Also, what kind of chocolate are you eating ? You may want to consider switching to a better quality dark chocolate. What I've found is that cheap chocolate is just that, cheap tasting. A person has to eat more and more just to get the flavor. This is not true of good quality dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is extremely satisfying. So, consider a good dark chocolate like Belgian chocolate, Green and Black, organic if you can afford it. I do like Dove. Dove is really good chocolate.

Also, another thing to consider is if the reason you're eating sweets is because you're not eating enough during the day. When a person decides they want to lose weight, they tend to cut their calories pretty drastically at first. As a result of the lower caloric intake, a person feels hungry more quickly. What do they do when they are hungry and need a quick fix ? Eat the treats.

So, do make sure you're eating plenty of wholesome foods that nourish your body. Are you eating 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies each day ? If not, doing that CAN help a person control their sweet tooth.

I have a sweet tooth. it's taken a long time, but I have reformed my eating habits and so can you.

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1/12/13 4:02 A

If you find it really difficult to cut the sweets, have you thought about slowly nibbling on a piece of dried fruit - perhaps a piece of date, prune or dried fig? They aren't LOW calorie, but there are a lot of nutrients in there, helping with the fruit/vege intake, the fibre intake etc., which the sweets don't do. Sometimes a piece of fresh fruit (rather than the whole fruit) can help, too.

Chewing on a piece of sugar-free gum (I find the strong mint flavours better for me) can help to curb the desire to eat sweets. I buy myself ONE packet of Werthers Sugar Free Candy - the hard boiled ones. They take longer to eat, and have about 10 calories per piece. There are about 18 pieces in the packet and they have to last me a whole week.

It may be that rather than cut them out, you will be better to gradually reduce them so that they are just a treat. This isn't about deprivation, so you need to work out how to incorporate them into your lifestyle. Perhaps having one or two pieces for dessert AFTER a main meal might be enough to satisfy you for the day.

I hope that you find something that works for you!


1/12/13 2:04 A

Exercise I can do-weight lifting twice a week-no problem!
No fried foods-thats good but it is the sweets that I cant seem to say no to and especially chocolate.
I have even considered some kind of appetite suppressant but they kinda scare me when you read about the side effects.
Anyone have any ideas on how to handle a sweet tooth? Or good low cal desserts?

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