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7/6/14 3:22 P


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7/6/14 11:40 A

It sounds to me like you are having a lovely summer! I'd love to go on a boat sometime this summer, I better try to make that happen!

I also don't like to expose my skin and body, so I have taken to wearing these really long, extremely lightweight scrap silk "hippie" skirts. I can wear them as a sundress with a swimsuit, or I wear them as a skirt with a tee shirt. I've seen them this year at department stores, but I got the ones I'm using at a tourist shop with other beachwear. They are super lightweight, very comfortable, and cover everything without insulating, and also let any breeze that might be happening through. Maxi dresses might also be an alternative, if you are tall.

At a certain point, no matter how big I am, it's just too dang hot for me to care.

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7/5/14 5:55 P

Hi Linda.

I agree: look at the positives here -
You are out w/ your friends & family having fun! On a boat!! That sounds like a LOT of fun.
Would you go for a pair of longer shorts - say, to the knee?
Maybe pair it w/ a short sleeve T?
That might make you feel cooler.

And kudos for not gaining. Give yourself credit.

You're still in the game as long as you don't give up!
You can do it!!

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7/5/14 3:44 P

Hi Linda,
I can so relate. I don't like showing off my body either. But I did just get a new swimsuit and I wrap myself in a sarong when not in the water. It makes me feel better. :) Maybe you can try it too.

And if you are going to all those outings and not gaining, you are doing great!

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7/5/14 2:26 P

Hi, Linda !

You're really making better progress than you're giving yourself credit for. How many members would have stayed at home because they felt awkward about their weight ? At least you're out on the boat enjoying the sunshine. Keep taking those baby steps. The capri pants are a step closer to shorts.

As the old song goes,"accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". Keep giving yourself credit for all the positive things you've been doing for yourself because every little bit DOES make a difference.

While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week, there will be weeks you don't lose. There will even be weeks you gain ! And that doesn't mean your doing anything wrong. Keep looking for those non scale victories. With time, the scale victories will catch up.

You're doing just fine !

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7/5/14 1:17 P

I really love summer, warm days, boating, swimming etc... But , I hate the fact that I am too embarassed to wear shorts or a bathing suit . There I sit on my boat in 30 plus Celsius weather and pretend I don't find yet that hot while I am wiping sweat off my brow. I also won't go swimming unless I am docked at shore because I don't think I could climb the swim ladder to get back on the boat.
I am trying to make better choices, it is so hard when there are weddings, wedding showers, barbecues, graduation and b'day parties going on all summer and of course we have a boat with a BBQ on it so that is where everyone fathers while out on the water, every weekend is a potluck.
I know, here I go again with the excuses, I know I have options, it is just so hard.
I have not gained anything in the last few weeks but definitely no losing either.
Oh we'll, shouldn't complain, could be worse.
I read the other day on Facebook someone wrote, " a year from now you'll wish you would have started today" how true that is, think I will take a couple of selfies, quit feeling sorry for myself and see if I can work on making my 5x Capri pants waaaay too big for me this time next summer :)

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