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GLOW8211 SparkPoints: (69,786)
Fitness Minutes: (34,451)
Posts: 6,433
4/23/13 4:19 P

All My Love
All My Life
All For You emoticon

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
4/23/13 3:41 P

My BF is keeping these :)

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
4/15/13 6:18 P

This weekend i bought stickynotes so I can stick love notes fun places. like the bathroom mirror, closet, door handles, coffee pot

NWLIFESRC Posts: 9,316
4/11/13 12:30 P

Thinking of you

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
4/11/13 9:40 A

my BF grilled me steaks and potato last night. I left him a note this am on his fridge. Thanking him for a wonderful dinner and that I was already looking forward to being in his arms tonight.

MUSHCAT Posts: 4,639
4/10/13 10:54 P

I started on a mission Jan. 1 to send my husband a one-liner love note each day, accompanied by an appropriate photo image. Many of them arevthe result of inside jokes. I am saving for bonus love note #366...I love you just because you are you.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
4/10/13 9:57 P

Have you lost weight? You look soooo slim!

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
4/10/13 4:29 P

I am going through some difficulties on how my mom is acting so my daughter and husband bought me a surprise' A cute bird gift bag with some dark chocolate, a stick balloon that has flowers on it and reads "Love you bunches" . They also gave me a card that is so cute. It has a cat on the front that reads 'Whenever I'm going through a tough time I try meditating."...the inside says "That's the same thing as "ignoring people" except you do it while sitting crosslegged on the floor. Hope things are better soon"! My husband wrote " I love you baby, just remember that you have us always, and we love you very much, Love, and his name" . My daughter wrote, "Hey mom, sorry that you're going through a rough time right now, but just know you have your own family that loves you very much and appreciates everything you do for us! heart and love you with her name signed" . Their kind gesture made me extremely happy :)

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/10/13 4:12 P are gorgeous on the inside........
You have such a loving heart.
And here are the ones I got the other day.............WOW.,,You are hot looking. Or WOW you look sexy today...or WOW you look nice today.

HAPPYWRITER7 Posts: 9,723
4/10/13 4:07 P

"You're enough. Exactly as you are - youre perfect to me."

It's one thing to say it and another to actually mean it though

4/10/13 2:40 P

Your eyes look absolutely gorgeous right now....

Your hair looks fantastic....

I adore your thigh gap (made this one up).... In case my wife reads this I NEVER said this one.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
4/10/13 11:37 A

I love rubbing your strong shoulders

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
4/8/13 10:02 A

Your smile is the first and last thing I look forward to each and every day..

SUGAR0814 Posts: 5,474
4/8/13 10:01 A

Your smile makes me smile! emoticon

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
4/8/13 9:43 A

These are wonderful!!

4/6/13 12:36 A

My husband (37 years) yesterday said, "You are beautiful to me. You always have been, you always will be."

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
4/5/13 11:52 P

I hear from my husband everyday that I'm the best thing that has ever happened to him, he doesn't write this to me , it's said every single day to me and he's said it for the last 18 1/2 yrs. So, I'm lucky cause I don't have to wish what he'd write he just says it to me and sometimes has tears in his eyes when he does. I love that man of mine! emoticon

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (575,838)
Fitness Minutes: (349,247)
Posts: 16,289
4/5/13 11:19 P

"You make me whole!!!", and "You are heaven here on earth!!!!!"

RONNIEHUEY Posts: 12,033
4/5/13 7:02 P

Thinking of you today

SNP_27 SparkPoints: (127,653)
Fitness Minutes: (5,790)
Posts: 506
4/5/13 3:30 P

It was bliss when your arms surrounded me...

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
4/5/13 3:11 P

Notes can be about anything.... not just body or clothes

4/5/13 3:01 P

Too many to count, but none have anything to do with my clothes or body.

4/5/13 1:17 P

Ahhhhhhh.........ha ha ha! This one's too embarassing.

4/5/13 12:22 P

The one I want to receive is: "I'll wear whatever outfit you want when you get home from work tonight"....

THAT is a love note.

4/5/13 12:22 P

I do it for my kids when I pack their lunches but I try it on my gf this weekend.

Great idea!

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
4/5/13 12:15 P

The last one I put in my husbands lunch box read "You are my hero" with X"S and O"S.

I bought this wine bottle at a thrift shop that someone crafted. It is black with chalkboard paint and by the cork it is wrapped with twine, with a twine of chalk hanging from it, that you can loop over the cork to hang. We all started writing love notes on that randomly. My husband started it, then I, and now my daughter has her message on it. I think I will write something new on it today. This is an awesome craft that I am thinking about making for family and friends as well. I call it the love bottle.

4/5/13 12:05 P

I found myself smiling really big today just because I thought of you...
You are absolutely gorgeous...
You are the only one I dream about...

/some of the ones I tell my wife.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/5/13 12:02 P

"Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?"

LISAFLAN533 Posts: 2
4/5/13 12:02 P

Gee your stomach looks flat today. lol

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
4/5/13 11:59 A

What one liners would you like to give or receive on a love note from someone (a friend, S.O.,, etc). Beyond "I love you"


"your legs look stunning today"
"cute dress

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