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1/20/13 1:27 P

Full body strength training is an absolute MUST! :)

It's just not done to remove fat from targeted locations, that's all.

It makes you strong and fit, helps with overall total body fat loss, improves bone density, and ensures that the most lean muscle tissue you can is preserved and not lost while losing weight.

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1/20/13 1:15 P

I understand where you are coming from (inner thigh fat and love handles). These are my main two main areas of issue. I still have some overall body fat but most of it is in my abs and inner thighs. Although I realize that we can't do spot reduction for losing fat, I figure that it doesn't hurt to do full body strength training. I think, for me, I'm probably at a point where I need to look at my diet again. I lose the fat in my upper body first (face, chest, arms), then I lose the fat in my lower body (hips, thighs, abs). I think my waist line is somewhere in the middle.

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1/20/13 10:58 A

Amen to that, Bob. Amen to that.

I'm looking at you, Suzanne Somers.

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1/20/13 10:25 A

Infomercials.. marketing people have a lot to answer for.

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1/20/13 6:00 A

ALORTA - a big part of this process is making peace with the idea that it's going to take a long time and a lot of hard work. It can take a few weeks or months - years in some cases - to reach the point where you are really, deeply, truly okay with that. The posters commenting here telling you that vibrating your tush will not help you lose fat from a particular area are correct - even if it's not what you want to hear. Despite advances in technology, we are all still governed by the laws of the universe, and one of those laws states that if you want to do Work, you need to cough up Energy to get it done. Work = heart beating, lungs breathing, cells repairing, nails growing, treadmill running, weight lifting. Energy = calories in food, stored fat, muscle tissue, organ tissue. Your body is required by the laws of our universe to burn Energy i.e. calories in one of those sources in order to produce the Work that you are asking it to do. Vibrating your butt is not going to alter that formula one iota. The only thing you can do is increase the Work and reduce the Energy available from food; and to lift weights to protect the Energy in muscle tissue so your body preferentially goes for stored fat. This is a bit of an oversimplification as hormones, sleep, disease, medication, etc play a role as well but at this stage it is about making peace with the universe.

Try to accept that you are governed by these natural laws. They explain perfectly how you gained weight in the first place, after all.

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1/19/13 6:55 P

Ah I see.

No, that doesn't work either. Fat doesn't need to be vibrated before the body can send it off to be burned up.

Fat release is hormone-triggered. I don't think that hormones would trigger fat loss in a specific area because that area had been shaken. Despite that fact that I'm sure some product for this specifically states on its advertising that it does.

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1/19/13 6:48 P

like i said, I didn't mean instead of cardio... I'm sure her results were due to cardio. I also didn't mean to imply I thought it would burn more (net) fat...
What she said is that the thing made that fat the fat that got used moreso than other fat (say your body needs 20 imaginary units of fat burned after a session of cardio... this thing will make 2 of those units come from the hips vs the 1 that your body would have pulled from them otherwise... the other places will make up the rest to get a total of 20, but the effect is that your hips shrink faster while sacrificing fat located elsewhere).

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1/19/13 6:23 P

Those didn't work in the 50's and they don't work now.

Fat doesn't "activate", certainly through being vibrated.

Your body WILL burn exactly as much fat as your daily activity and work (exercise) demand of it. It doesn't need that fat to be "activated" and it doesn't burn more fat than it needs if it even could be "activated".

It doesn't do any kind of thing like "not burn as much fat as the energy needs demanded because that fat wasn't activated".

Most likely, your friend's action of "doing cardio" has helped her reduce her love handles because diet and exercise will eventually promote fat loss in a body.

Shaking it violently doesn't.

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1/19/13 6:15 P

What about those machines that massage (read; vibrate, usually through oscillation or a motorized belt) different parts and are said to help 'activate' and vascularize fat to make it more accessable (to be burned sooner). Not as an alternative to exercise, of course, but as a supplement? A friend overseas has one of the motorized belt things and she swears that having it run across her hips for a couple min after doing cardio has helped her shed her handles...
Anyone have any experience with them that could help verify what she said?
Hers looks something like this (from just a quick google search);

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1/19/13 6:10 P

Building up and toning up muscles in an area helps reduce the amount of loose flabby skin so it might not reduce the fat but it doesn't make you look fat because of excess skin still there?

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1/19/13 5:32 P

"It is true that you cannot spot reduce, but some exercises can help in toning of certain areas."

Can you define "toning" in this context in a way that does not mean "spot reduction of fat"?

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1/19/13 5:14 P

I found running and walking helped my thighs and legs. Funny enough before I started driving (walking or taking terrible bus service to places), my inner thighs were firmer. For your "love handles", in years past I would try every exercise, and nothing seem to work. It was not until I was training for racquetball, that I saw results. In aerobics I would incorporate a weight in one hand, while bending over and extending that arm to the opposite leg. The exercise was mainly to help with low kill shots, but I did notice results in my love handles. It is true that you cannot spot reduce, but some exercises can help in toning of certain areas.

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1/19/13 4:16 P

Fat is fat is fat, it does not matter where you store your fat. Cardio fitness is the best way to get rid of fat. You can do ab exercises to work the abdominal muscles but they will not show unless you loose the layer of adipose fat over them. This is viseral fat which is easier to shed than peripheral fat, I think! You can google viseral versus peripheral on SP for a through explanation.

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1/19/13 4:13 P

LEDIRETSE: As explained above, you can't spot-reduce in any way, no matter how much exercise you do.

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1/19/13 3:57 P

Online Now  • ))
swimming is great for the love handles. for the inner thigh try step aerobics high impact

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1/19/13 3:51 P

was hoping there'd be a way to at least mildly help them along. At the moment my quads are huge from all the squat work and other leg exercises I do in insanity, but those two areas are just... yeah.
Thanks for the input though!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/19/13 1:17 P

No, Heather's right, no exercise can reduce love handles. That isn't how exercise and fat loss work in your body.

Planks are an excellent core stability exercise. But they do not directly contribute to specifically loss of abdominal or hip fat.

Keep up a healthy diet and moderate regular exercise. That's the only key! Doesn't matter HOW you move, just THAT you move! :)

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1/19/13 1:12 P

For love handles, try doing some plank exercises! Side planks work well too. You can also stand, but lean over in a flat back, and use hand weights to pull the weights up like you were doing a push up. Just a few things my trainer helped me with for love handles!

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1/19/13 11:35 A

Aggravating, aren't they? Unfortunately, though, there are no workouts that will target these areas for weight loss. That's because you can't spot reduce the parts of your body you don't like. Our muscles draw their energy from the bloodstream, not the surrounding fat stores, so when you do ab work, or tricep work, it isn't targeting the fat.

Because fat loss is a total body process, the only way to get rid of those love handles and inner thigh pockets is to keep losing weight. Where your trouble zones are will likely be the last place you lose. Mine's my belly... believe me, if it were possible to spot-reduce, I'd have a six pack, instead of a keg. ;) I do a lot of core work!

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1/19/13 11:18 A

Anyone know good workouts to get rid of these?
I'm doing insanity and while I'm losing weight overall my inner thighs are still bulging in above mid-thigh and the handles aren't showing much improvement either. The belly has gone down, the upper arms and back have slimmed down... but in these two places I simply can't seem to win. I appreciate any ideas that have worked for you ^_^

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