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8/17/12 12:24 P

Start over day one and keep starting over until it sticks. Try and find a friend, or someone you can trust who can join in with you. If you have someone who will motivate you and you can motivate you will both be much more likly to stick with it.

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8/17/12 12:03 P

I was doing so well and SPARK was a big help then I lost computer connection during most days and then I stopped going to the Y daily and now I started eating more what a hole I have put myself into once again. I plan to get back on track today but I still have very limited time on computer but I am going to climb over that problem and get back on track and log on whenever I can and not think about the points I am losing for not logging on each day.

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8/17/12 11:57 A

Here is an article that might help --

25 Ways to Get Back on Track Today
Don't Give Up on Your Goals!

You might also want to try the two week free trial of Spark Coach to see if that provides the motivation you need on an ongoing basis.

Introducing SparkCoach
A Revolutionary Feature to Help You Reach Your Goals

Coach Tanya

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8/17/12 11:11 A

I have lost my motivation so many times over the years! It is so frustrating, but you can get back on track!

Like the last response, just start back with small changes that you can maintain, then keep building from there.

Good luck, you can do it!!!

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8/17/12 10:25 A

Your story sounds similar to my previous starts in the past! My problem was that I changed too much too fast, and even though it felt good and I was seeing results, I think I eventually felt overwhelmed and let myself slip- it felt nice to sleep in or veg out instead of going to the gym.

I would recommend resetting yourself- start your sparkplan over and start with SMALL changes. Set small goals for yourself- work out two-three times a week or join the 10 min/day challenge. Try a few new healthy recipes, and aim to cut down your frappe to only three times a week, then cut it down more from there (and order without whipped cream!). Try making your own healthier version at home with coffee, ice, and cocoa powder or nonfat frozen yogurt, coffee, and cocoa powder. Add protein powder and fruit for a healthier smoothie!

The other thing that really works for me since I prep all the food for me and my hubby is to spend an hour or so on Sunday picking out meals for the week, and then I do all my shopping that day and prepare lunch for the early part of the week. Mixing up some scrambled egg whites (with a few yolks) and dividing into muffin tins with different groupings of veggies make a super fast breakfast during the week- grab one or two egg 'muffins', heat in the microwave, and toast a piece of bread! You can make wraps with them as well- add salsa and a little cheese. The possibilities are just about endless!

You can totally get back on track- start slow again and it'll stick this time!

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8/17/12 9:53 A

I have wanted to loose weight for the last year and a half or so and this April I finally did it! I found a couple of classes at the gym that I really liked and started going regularly. I was also finding new, healthy foods that I liked. After about three months, I had lost fifteen pounds! I was so excited. Then all of a sudden I just lost all motivation to go to the gym and to make myself healthy meals. I am not sure what happened. I felt so much better when I was eating better and going to the gym. I just need that spark to ignite again. I have put on a couple of pounds again since I have not been keeping up with my healthy habits and instead of motivating me to get back to those healthy habits, I have been going in the opposite direction and McDonalds Frappe's have once again become my breakfast friend. I need some help to fix this. If you have any suggestions or ideas please help!!!

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