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2/14/12 3:00 P

The body fat was calculated after 2 months gap so substantial time has passed since the last time it was measured.
The trainer checked 3 times to make sure that the readings were taken correctly.
I lost only 1 pound and very few total inches. So I won't even consider that I lost any weight/inches. I was pretty good about exercising in the mean time with cardio as well as ST. I didn't work with a trainer consistently during last 2 months, but was doing well with exercise other than last few weeks when I had to cut back on exercise due to injury. Last 2-3 weeks, not so great with food but not too much off the wagon either. But just the last 2-3 weeks should not be undoing all previous efforts as far as body fat % is concerned. Weight/Inches have not increased in that same time period.

Thanks for your response, Don't worry seems to be the right words so thanks for that.

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2/14/12 1:00 P

Don't worry !

I can assure you, that if you've lost inches as well as weight, your body fat did not go up. Your personal trainer must have made an error in their calculations. Losing inches tells me you're losing body fat. So, don't assume something must be wrong because one calculation doesn't seem to jive with the others. People do make mistakes.

How long ago did they take the last calculation ? Ideally, your PT should only be testing you once a month. It takes at least a month to see any subtle type of change. If your PT is taking your measurements every week, then yes, there is definitely margin for error.

Take a deep breathe. You really are just doing fine !!!

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2/14/12 12:16 P

At my weigh on yesterday, lost weight and a few inches but the body fat went up. Body fat was measured with a caliper at the gym by a trainer. Can't find any reason for this jump, just feeling sad.

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