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GAMMALEAK Posts: 224
6/18/12 1:17 P

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Yes, I'm just following SparkPeople's guidelines for me, so I'm not slashing my calories or anything... just jogging a few more days out of the week and being a little more disciplined with my calories than I was the last few weeks beforehand. :^)

Sounds like I'm good. I appreciate your encouragements.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
6/18/12 1:01 P

I wouldn't worry about it since it's only one week and you're not trying to lose 4 lbs a week. I think half the trouble is that people want to lose crazy amounts of weight in a fast amount of time and if you're cutting more calories than 500-1000 daily, you're running low on calories & nutrients.

TKORTE99 Posts: 143
6/18/12 10:15 A

I think if you start losing that much every week for an extended period of time, that's when there should be some concern, but for just one week - not a big deal. Granted, you may not lose much the next week though.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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6/18/12 10:02 A

Realistically, dramatic weight losses like that aren't usually the result of fat loss. While you are no doubt losing some fat, it's very difficult to create the kind of calorie deficits that result in that kind of fat loss. SO what you probably saw was the loss of retained fluid. It's really common to shed water weight like that! Especially since you "gained" that extra weight after only a few weeks... I'm betting you binged a bit, and were just bloated.

A one-off big weight loss isn't going to hurt you, especially not just four pounds. That's hardly outside the range of normal for starting over. I'd say that if it were to continue, that would be concerning, but right now? Celebrate and keep moving forward. :)

NINAOZZIE SparkPoints: (0)
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6/18/12 9:56 A

Hmm...I think as long as you're getting enough calories and don't feel burnt out by the exercise, it's no big deal. 4 pounds isn't THAT much that it would be worrisome; maybe if it was 4 pounds a week for a few weeks in a row it would be an issue, but I wouldn't worry. It could be water weight.

Feeling fantastic is a pretty good sign you're on the right track, I would say! :)

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GAMMALEAK Posts: 224
6/18/12 9:49 A

About a month ago I was down to 165lb after a six-month journey of achieving a real fitness lifestyle. I had lost thirty pounds. I felt great.

Then I had some celebratory events in my life. My wife's birthday. Graduation parties. My birthday. Some summer kick-off events. In a few weeks I had gained seven pounds and was up to 172.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I made the sacrifice of my personal fitness goals in order to honor and enjoy the company of those who invited us to celebrate with them. Throughout this time I was still doing regular runs and strength workouts, just consuming more food than normal. And, admittedly, not as healthy food. :^)

But a week ago today I said, "OK... time to get serious again." So I did. And this time I increased the intensity.

So I'm running every day now instead of only four days a week. I'm sticking with my three days of strength training (Mon, Wed, Fri). I try to get in a nice long walk here or there during the week.

Well, in this last week I went from 172 to 168.

I'm a little worried I lost too much too fast. I've read that you really should only lose two pounds per week or you can mess with your metabolism in bad ways. On the other hand, I feel really good. Especially this morning... I just feel fantastic. But I have been a bit drowsier in the afternoons this last week, too.


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