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6/3/13 2:33 A


NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,008
6/2/13 6:26 P

Congratulations - isn't that about 14 pounds or so? I am not certain, but for some reason that was the number that came to my mind. That is impressive.

ROSEBUGXD SparkPoints: (2,920)
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6/2/13 5:50 P

Haha that's pretty funny. You have diamonds on the mind :p

DILLONNAN Posts: 563
6/2/13 10:43 A


TALKIEBARBIE46 Posts: 6,357
6/2/13 10:42 A


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6/2/13 8:30 A

Great job!

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6/2/13 8:03 A

Congratulations! And thank you for giving me my first good laugh of the day - at myself. I read the title about losing a stone and the first thing that went through my mind was, "Oh no! How awful!" (Especially if it was your engagement stone/diamond....). It was followed immediately by the thought, "Wonder why she posted the news here under staying motivated?". And finally my slow brain got to the thought, "Oooooh, I bet she is referring to a weight measure!" That final realization is when I got to the laugh at myself.....

ROSEBUGXD SparkPoints: (2,920)
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6/2/13 7:56 A

Hey guys, today i weighed and i have officially lost a stone. So proud of myself, and in such a short period of time. I am currently finishing my second week of insanity workout, am so looking forward to the fitness test on Monday for all those who have done it will understand what I'm on about.

I love sparkpeople, tracking your calories really makes a difference!

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