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DWELLS1994 Posts: 1,664
5/6/11 11:41 P

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Sorry to hear your news. Sign up for unemployment and start networking. Tell everyone you know you are looking for a job. The good news is, the economy is starting to rebound, so hopefully you'll find something soon. Always remember, things will work out and this too will soon pass.

JODNEX Posts: 1,815
5/6/11 9:34 P

Sorry about your job :( Come here for support every time you're tempted! :))

CATS_MEOW_0911 Posts: 2,577
5/6/11 9:22 P

I'm sorry you lost your job. emoticon

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Posts: 2,239
5/6/11 1:06 P

Sorry to hear you lost your job!

Best thing to do is DON'T keep any tempting foods in the house! Give it away or throw it all out!

And still exercise when you can. When you work out, you will end up wanting to eat healthy and not binge.

OPHELIA105 Posts: 760
5/6/11 12:22 P

I lost my job at the end of December.

I have been finding quite hard and the only thing which keeps me out of the kitchen is planning / tracking and being busy doing other things.

I had three rejection letters today and could have easily used it as an excuse to binge but I know there's no point cos afterwards I'd feel even more crap.

Eating well (with the occasional treat) makes me feel better about myself and keeps me positive.

MRSROBERSON09 Posts: 499
5/5/11 10:44 P

Sorry to hear the bad news. Keeping trying a new job will turn up. My husband has been looking for a while now too. I know times are tough but stay strong. emoticon

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
5/5/11 9:12 P

Lost my job a few weeks ago too. It is not easy.
I also jumped into the "food for comfort" thing. Not good !
It has been a few weeks and now am determined not to eat my feeling away.
Fruit has become my friend LOL

Please sign up for unemployment ASAP, it takes about 3 weeks to get anything.

Be strong !!

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5/5/11 2:49 P


I am so sorry you've lost your job ! That stinks. Believe me, no one would blame you if you took a nose dive into cheesecake or ice cream right now. So, don't beat on yourself if you find you have a weak moment. You're human.

Did you sign up for unemployment ? Do that asap so that you have at least something coming in to help out.


5/5/11 2:43 P

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Well I knew it was time for a change but didn't want it to happen like this.
Now I am trying to find a job, finish up certification and stay out of the kitchen.
Left the house so I wouldn't be tempted but have to go home sometime-kids will be home from school soon.

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