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JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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1/30/13 7:14 A

Honestly, I didn't really notice any physical changes until my first 20 lbs. I'm sure there were, it's just they're so gradual you don't notice unless you take photos. My husband and family did (or said they did, I don't know if they were just trying to motivate me). I didn't really take any pics of my early progress.

GUPTAM SparkPoints: (2,102)
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1/29/13 8:47 P

thanks everyone for motivating.......i will start taking pictures from now only......:)

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
1/25/13 6:17 A

Did you take a photograph of yourself when you started? If so, take another now, in the same clothes, position, lighting, background. Compare and you will see the 10 lbs difference.

If you didn't take a starting photo, take one TODAY before you lose another ounce!!! You will be so so glad you did. Trust me!!

CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (222,152)
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1/24/13 9:02 P

It took me quite a while to see a real difference (though I started out quite a bit heavier than you are now). Don't worry -- though it's hard to see day-by-day, the changes are happening. You'll get up one morning (soon, I promise!) and your clothes will be loose, and then soon after that just way too big.

You're doing great -- getting started is the hardest part. Don't get discouraged now!

JUSTDOIT011 Posts: 1,466
1/24/13 12:29 P

I know what you are going through! When I lost my first 10 pounds, and I looked down at my body or looked into a mirror, I couldn't tell a difference. BUT, when I took "before" and "after" shots, I definitely noticed the 10-pound difference!! Holding up those photos side-by-side made me see what differences that I couldn't see otherwise. I *highly* recommend taking a picture of yourself every 10 pounds so you can compare. It really encourages me, so it might encourage you!

MISSYK25 SparkPoints: (3,440)
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1/24/13 12:20 P

The same thing happened to me with my first 10 pounds....I think it was a lot of water weight lost because I cut back on the sodium and was eating a lot better. A couple of weeks after I started to see changes though, just keep doing what you're doing and it will happen :)

SNOWJESTER SparkPoints: (29,896)
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1/24/13 12:17 P

Wipe away those tears. You lost ten lbs!!! That's awesome. Like the previous poster said, we don't always notice the changes but others do.

Also, are you strength training? ST is the best at shaping your body. I think it's better than cardio, personally. You'll look leaner if you add some strength into your exercise routine.

BANDOMOM1 SparkPoints: (3,254)
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1/24/13 11:31 A

Wow, thats awesome. Don't get discourged, You are doing something right.. Sometime "WE" don't notice and yet others do. So YAY for you!! emoticon .Keep it up!

GUPTAM SparkPoints: (2,102)
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1/24/13 11:19 A

I am very discouraged today...i lost 10 lbs i was happy to see those numbers........but i can't see any physical height is 5'6........please can anybody explain why is it like that?
when you started noticing change in your body?
feels like crying today...

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