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SAS202554 Posts: 489
8/14/11 7:42 P

My daughter and I also went on a diet. We lost weight. She is now teaching Zumba classes.

CATHY49 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/14/11 9:24 A

My 26 year old daughter and I started a weight loss and exercise program together last year. I have lost about 7 pounds she has lost over 20 and looks fabulous. Granted I am 27 years her senior and have had 3 babies, but I have come to realized that this is going to be more difficult for me than it was for her. I am going to continue on my journey.

LESLIESENIOR SparkPoints: (213,867)
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8/13/11 9:55 P

It's a greater challenge, but I took up jogging 1 1/2 years ago at age 57. I just turned 59 and it is really making staying fit more fun. I have a titanium hip, so there are really no excuses.

8/13/11 9:22 P

I've always been active but I have now taken up running and feel like a jock!

JOHNSONE4 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/11 8:56 A

It really is harder, but well worth it.

LBRYSON26 SparkPoints: (617)
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1/10/11 6:07 A

yes hard to lose easy to gain. but slow and steady wins the race, we just have to work harder. emoticon

STUDLEEJOE Posts: 3,883
1/9/11 12:59 P

emoticon While losing weight in your 50's is harder it is definitely not impossible. Using the spark program and wii sports. It is fun.

JOHNSONE4 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/11 12:55 P

Go to your Spark Page under Community. Then go to edit your page. Slide down to where it talks about your ticker. For a change, that isn't our hearts. It will walk you through it.

JOHNSONE4 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/11 12:51 P

I have to admit, my daughter helped me, but I think I did it on my Spark Page.

JJOHN101 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/11 9:46 A

WOW! You are like a hero! Look at that goal chart! How did you get that graphic into your post? I'd love to do that and (hopefully) watch it go down!

JOHNSONE4 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (21,721)
Posts: 1,228
1/9/11 9:25 A

I didn't have to lose weight until I was in my 50's and at first it was hard to face the fact that I really was THAT overweight. The first 25 lbs. went fairly quickly, over a 6 mo. period, but the last 12 pounds have not been coming off.

JJOHN101 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/11 8:38 A

I'm also that 50 something (52) and loosing weight has been... not happening. I am on meds for menopause symptoms and that has added lbs... my work schedule is late (till 7pm) so I eat dinner late... I am making a proposal to add a workout room at work and have 4 other employees that are jumping on board to loose weight and tone up. I sure hope it makes a difference! emoticon

ELLEN1955 Posts: 1
1/9/11 7:44 A

I'm 55 and I have gained 10 lbs in 2010 after my hysterectomy, and can't seem to go down at all. I exercise like crazy and eat 1200 calories per day. I have 15 lbs to lose. Any ideas? Thank you,


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ESTERRL Posts: 86
1/8/11 3:27 P

emoticon It is definitely challenging to loose weight for me & it takes time in my 50's. I can gain weight fast. I've noticed that I have had to change my way of eating during the day, dinner at 6:00 p.m. healthy eating during the day & being consistent daily. I forgive myself when I overeat at night. I've tried a light snack like fruit or tea, warm milk 2 hrs. before bed time that helps me. It was easier loosing weight in my 30's+ emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DIANNEMT Posts: 12,630
1/8/11 2:02 P

I also re-gained some weight over the holidays and it is SO HARD to get it off! Plus I have another 5 to go to hit the next goal (then 10 more but...I need the reward of getting to a goal!). I have the munchies big time and NOTHING is helping. So--it does help to know others are in the same boat! WE CAN DO IT but I wish it was easier! emoticon

1/8/11 1:51 P

I seem to be having trouble getting motivated to exercise. I know it would benefit me in so many ways, just can't seem to make myself do it at this point. I was walking outdoors with a coworker for awhile need to get over this hump....

MIZZY451 Posts: 131
1/8/11 12:59 P

Going to start chemo this week and I am really concerned how this is gonna affect my weight. May go up may go down.

PARKERCM SparkPoints: (0)
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1/7/11 11:22 A

I joined spark people nearly a year ago but have just been playing with the same 5-10 pounds on/off/on/off/currently on:(
But I feel very dedicated to this journey. I am striving to loose 1-2 pounds this week--drop into the next lower rung! Then keep working to a mini goal of 201 by Valentine's Day. I amy tie all my mini goals to Holidays this year--just for something to look towards.

Good luck to everyone. Work hard. Forgive yourself when things don't go as planned and GET back on the plan.

CECELW SparkPoints: (236,849)
Fitness Minutes: (115,571)
Posts: 4,053
1/6/11 10:03 P

thank you Cheryl! I so needed to hear that. I have been feeling hopeless about my weight loss. I just...gave up! I felt like, whats the point ya know? Now I have 15 lbs to lose. I have fibromyalgia so I am careful about my work outs. Exercise is the very best medicine for this condition. I'm back on track and doing well.

LOOSEINGIT Posts: 4,078
1/6/11 9:07 P

Hi Everyone, a little encouragement..

I'm 53, joined SP for real in July of 09, by May 10 I lost 74 lbs. It can be done, by being persistent and consistent. I also have a thyroid condition,it not an excuse for me..I still achieved success.
Make small goals and stick with them until you achieve them. Never quit..if you fall down, pick your self up, shake the dust off and go again.
I recently hit a plateau, as soon as my body catches up, I'm going for the final 20 lb goal. I keep exercising everyday, and eat healthy, I have learned to maintain my weight for the last 6 months.

Spark People works if you work it.
Have a Great Journey,

TERESA159 Posts: 1,581
1/6/11 5:34 P

Hi Everyone, It's so nice to see so many people my age! Can I friend some of you? I think I need a community. I am 51 and keep trying and keep failing to loose weight and keep it off. I can loose it if I count every calorie and never, ever go over and if I exercise like a fiend. I am hoping that joining SP helps me stay on course so that I can get rid of this extra 30 pounds I am carrying. I should probably mention that I've just joined and haven't done a second weigh in yet.

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LINDA5758 Posts: 89
1/6/11 4:51 P

Hi everyone I was lucky over the Holidays I only gained a little. I tried to stay away from most of the foods that was being served. I was doing good starting this week. I started exercising on Mon.,Tues., and then on Wednesday I came down with the stomach flu and spent the last 2 days on the john. I feel a little weak so I am scared to exercise to much. But I think I will start some tonight.
Good luck everyone.

CRUZIN2LOSE Posts: 865
1/6/11 4:39 P

I'm with you DANCE783! I just turned 50 and have 50 to lose. For me, follow through is the toughest part, partly because results take so long to show for me... so I keep giving up. This time I am determined to stick with my current plan for at least 3 months, a true timetable to see if what I am doing is working... Here we go!

CECELW SparkPoints: (236,849)
Fitness Minutes: (115,571)
Posts: 4,053
1/6/11 12:18 P

Hi everyone. My name is Cindy. I am 51. I'm trying to lose 15 lbs but I really need accountability. Hopefully this will help. It is true what i've been hearing. In my 50's I can gain weight without effort, and it's a fight to lose it!

ANASONIC Posts: 31,416
1/5/11 1:18 P

Good for you! I also gained a couple of pounds and am determined to get back on track. Why is it sooo easy to put on and sooo difficult to take off? You would think we'd learn that by now!

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DANC783 Posts: 338
1/4/11 4:58 P

The hardest thing is to try to lose weight in your 50's. The weight lost process is slow but the weight gain is rapid. Over the holiday season, I gained about 10 lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thought I was was doing fine until I hit the scale. What an embarrassment.

I'm starting today with a detox cleanse and a 30 day no meat and no bread diet. I'm drinking my 8 glasses of water with multi-vitamins, calcium and cran-aloe.

My exercise routine will be at least 3 days a week in the gym and some exercise at home.

I'm going to lose my 50 lbs.

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