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FRISBY51176 Posts: 1
11/30/09 11:21 P

Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer and I am getting engaged this Christmas. I am 33 yrs old, I am 5'2" and weigh in at a whopping 226#. My soon-to-be fiance' is 5'5" and only 148. He constantly tells me he loves me for me. I appreciate that but I am very disgusted with myself. I do have depression issues so food is my best friend. I was laid off of my job last February, so it's been really hard for me as well as others, I don't know what to do as far as motivating myself. I seem to eat 24/7 and none of the foods I eat are healthy!!! Please help!!

11/26/09 11:43 P

I'm really excited other people are in the same situation as me! My boyfriend and I have talked about getting married. I'm not usually traditional but when it comes to my wedding I am so I want the big proposal too and I want to look amazing when he pops the question and I don't want to be trying to lose all the weight while planning a wedding so I decided I will do it now!

SBW21DMD Posts: 6
11/23/09 7:13 P

bosu balls also work great check one out also for the hands try the hand grips that are used alot for physical therepy

MADDYG1989 Posts: 10
11/14/09 1:25 P

Lol... My bf of 2 years has been talking about getting married. We already picked out the ring(about 2 months ago) and I know he's going to ask before May 2010. He told me because I'm supposed to be leaving for an internship and he wants get engaged before then. He knows I've never been happy about my weight (mostly because my mother is a health freak and she won't stop being condescending about it). He asked if I was going to do a big diet when we get engaged and I told him yes because I want to be able to fit in my dress. lol. But now I'm deciding not to wait that long... why not start now? I would love to feel and look beautiful and confident too.

Also, I heard that stress balls work. And check out finger strengthening tools at music stores. People who play musical instruments have to build strength in their fingers and they might have something that'll help.

Good luck and congrats!

SEVENKITTY Posts: 3,040
11/7/09 5:42 P

LOL...cute! Very exciting...just jump right in and do it and you will feel amazing on the big day. Go for it!

11/6/09 1:49 P

Haha so I know this is a bit off topic, but my boyfriend & I picked out a ring about a month ago and I know he's going to pop the question within the next 3 months...I am pretty sure he actually already bought the ring too! I know he picked out the it's coming! We've been together almost 4 years and have always talked about getting it's not a huge surprise. Anyways, I want to be confident & feel beautiful when he proposes (and for the wedding!!!) so I figure I might as well start now!

Anyone know of any ring finger exercises to make my fingers look skinny? LOL!!!

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