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I would not worry too much about a one week weight loss of this amount. The reason, our body's weight is not a static number. In other words any fluctuation in our diet, hydration, workouts and yes, even hormones can lead to a shift on the scale. This is true for a weight gain or weight loss. The time to be concerned is if you see a trending of weight otther words, week after week after week of this amount.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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10/25/12 7:03 A

If you were eating McDonald's before and aren't now the decrease in sodium/salt alone could cause you to lose a number of water weight pounds. If you have no other changes in health I would not worry about it unless that amount of loss continued for a continued period of time.

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10/25/12 6:56 A

no expert, here, but it could just be body adjustment.
It may even out.

However, if you're seriously concerned, see your doctor for real medical advice, and not just an opinion from someone like me, who isn't inside your realm of physical associates

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Long story short, my boyfriend and I of almost 4 years broke up two weeks ago. I had started to lose weight when we were together but it was very gradual weight loss. I am definitely sad about this, but I wouldn't consider myself "depressed?" But my issue is that every morning I have been stepping on the scale just as a motivation thing and every morning I am down another pound. This is at the same time before I eat breakfast every morning. From last Friday, I am down about 4 pounds. I did go to zumba once this week and have been eating little to no McDonalds (I work there) but I think that 4 pounds is too much too soon. Do you have any suggestions? What do you think? I am eating until I am hungry and making better choices. I am just confused because this rapid weight loss isn't healthy.

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