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10/11/12 3:46 P

I'm not really sure how to add to my message board "journal", but I'm going to give a go anyway. This week has been a roller coaster of weight changes. There were 2 days in a row that I lost 1 pound per day. Then the following those day, I went back up by 3 pounds. I know I shouldn't be weighing myself so much, but I can't help it. It seems like when ever I do cardio workouts, I stay the same or increase my weight. But when it's strictly strength exercises, I lose weight. Does anyone else have this problem?
Overall though, I feel great. I feel so much better knowing that I'm eating right and working out daily to improve my health and well being. There's really something satifying about completing a work out.

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10/9/12 10:44 P

Welcome to Spark. Hope you hit all your goals. I think you look just fine in your photo, but also understand that tight jeans feeling. My friends said I looked fine, but I just shrunk a pants size. It feels great. May you feel it too. emoticon

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10/8/12 10:03 A

You're doing the right things - just don't make so drastic a change that you are unable to sustain it! Make gradual changes that you incorporate into your life so that, once you are again a size 2 you are able to remain that size!

Good luck in your journey!

10/7/12 3:37 P

I'm working on the downward slope of my weight roller coaster. I've gained 15-20 pounds in the past year, and gone from a size 2 to a size ***ahem*** 10, since 2009. I'm super motivated to get healthy and lose inches and weight. I'm back to exercising 5-6 times per week. I even do crunches and work with my shake weight daily while watching TV. Since I started this journey Sept 17, I've lost 5 pounds, and people can already tell that my waist line has gotten smaller. I can't wait to see where I am in another 3 weeks!

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