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STEPHL315 Posts: 20
11/26/13 4:58 P

Thank you everyone!

Unfortunately, I have a back problem that limits doing a lot of core work, but I will give it a try.

I never heard about posture, I'll give that a shot too... thanks for your responses!

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11/25/13 11:33 A


I agree that improviing your posture will help. Most women don't realize how poor posture can emphasize their tummy area. So, try to add more exercises that work your core like plank, side plank, etc.

Do you have a gym membership ? If so, check the class schedule for pilates or even yoga. Either will teach you poses that will strengthen your core as well as your posture.

Can pilates or strength training help you lose inches off your stomach ? Hard to say because it really does depend on how your body adapts/reacts to the exercise. Depending on genetics, there may only be so many inches you might lose off your stomach. Some women were not designed to have a wasp waist.

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11/25/13 8:04 A

Frankly, I'd go at it from the opposite direction. Focusing on good posture will help your core become stronger and help you look less heavy without even doing a single crunch.

That being said, you can't choose where you lose inches from but strength training will help you enhance your natural shape. Because once the fat is gone, we all still want a nice shape right?

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11/25/13 3:07 A

While you can't target where you lose weight you can certainly lose inches in your midsection while losing weight. I say this based on my personal experience.
The way to do that is to do core work. There are some good routines on the workout generator here and there are plenty on youtube.
You are not going to get dramatic loss of inches....maybe a .25 of an inch every month of so but it shows.
If your core is strong your posture becomes better and good posture makes one appear less heavy.
Good luck!

STEPHL315 Posts: 20
11/24/13 8:51 P

Hello everyone.... just a question about losing inches.

I have lost almost 40 pounds over a 3-4 year period (can't really remember) and I have lost inches everywhere (legs, calf, neck, arms, hips). However, I noticed that I have not lost even one inch in my stomach. I know that you can't target where you want to lose weight, so I was just wondering if this was normal or if something else might be going on. I also realize in women it's usually the first place to gain and the last place to lose. Should I be concerned or is this pretty normal?

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