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9/2/13 6:04 P

Hello and Welcome! I'm new here as well.

Before I got pregnant, I weighed 185 at 42% body fat...OBESE.
I decided that I wanted a baby, but needed to lose some weight FIRST. At the time of conception I weighed 137 and was super healthy. If you can be patient and take six months or so to really get serious and lose weight BEOFRE you conceive, that would be great.

As for weight loss during pregnancy, I've heard varied opinions. Obviously with me being at a healthy weight starting out my pregnancy, I definitely wasn't advised to lose weight. For women who are obese, I've heard everything from its safe to lose weight while pregnant to gaining only 11-20 pounds instead of the normal 25-35 pounds. Consult with a doctor who would be caring for you during your future pregnancy. My other suggestion is to get yourself on track health-wise to prevent complications during pregnancy. Good luck!

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9/1/13 5:40 P

Hi I'm new here and my husband an I are going to try an start a family any time now and currently I'm 285 but I need to do something so my question is I guess have any of you lost weight while pregnant? I'm sure it's not exactly recommended but I'm starting to lose but can get pregnant at any time..any suggestions or has anyone been in this position? Thanks!

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