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10/12/11 2:03 P

I think there are lots of good points here but one important thing is to lose the weight slowly and strenght training

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10/9/11 8:32 P

I'm sure there might be some sagging, but it's sort of like a wait & see type of thing.

I would just follow these tips the people gave you, and if it bothers you in the future, there is the surgery option.Some people don't always agree with that, but if it's to make you feel better, why not?

Jusssst don't really worry about it right. You'll cross that bridge when you get there.

Good luck :)

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10/6/11 10:06 P

Very good point..

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10/4/11 10:54 A

Good point.

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10/2/11 5:16 P

Sagging skin is better than obesity.

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10/2/11 2:32 P

I myself have lost 60 pounds, and although I did have some excess skin, I managed to tighten the majority of it up. I wrote about it here:
eight-loss if you would like to take a look!

NOLOSS1 Posts: 3
9/29/11 6:30 P

This is encouraging news! One time years ago I lost over 50 pounds and I was so depressed with how much sagging I had, actually looked worse for a while. I began walking and it was amazing how much this changed things for the better.

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9/13/11 7:13 P

Talking about sagging skin, I guess every body is different, and it may depend on genetics, rate of loss, and on the nutrients you eat.

Though I have no proof or even seen a medical research about it, I've heard that fish is good to prevent this from happening while losing weight, maybe it is. In the last 70 days I've lost 40 pounds while adding lots of fish to my diet, and I have no issues with sagging skin, up to now (I didn't add it to prevent this, its just a casual fact). I'm in my mid-thirties.

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9/12/11 8:23 P

I was searching on this topics cause I was nervous also. But, I've already lost 33lbs, I did it very slowly with lots of resistance, cardio and heavy weight lifting. I use lotion in the winter a lot but, I hardly have any loose skin. My stomach area is a little flabby but, I am sure over time it will tighten up. So I have to agree with everyones comments, just keep doing what you're doing and your body will adjust.

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8/24/11 12:09 P

In my early 30's and can already see a sagging issue 10 lbs into my weight loss. Prevention is the key to reduce sagging skin issues. Stay hydrated, lose weight slowly, don't focus on cardio alone make sure to combine strength training, maintain a balanced diet high in protein, and massage skin with a good moisturizing lotion (nothing fancy needed). Just a few tips.

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6/16/11 8:42 P

I'm glad to know that building muscle can help with this. It is a worry for me as well.

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6/13/11 9:17 P


ROBTEACH49 Posts: 33
5/15/11 3:49 P

I lost 78 ;bs since July and noticed alot of sagging skin...especially in the stomach trainer is working with me to get rid of that sagging junk but at my age its kind of hard...

5/12/11 12:05 P

TLCOVERT1 - Well, that's good in my case. I'm 20 and I'm worried about the sagging as well.

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5/11/11 4:29 P

I just want to loose the weight so I'll have a body to be concerned about.

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5/10/11 6:45 P

Age makes a huge sifference too. The younger you are, the faster your skin responds to your new contours.

FREDDYB29 Posts: 540
5/8/11 11:38 P

I have the perfect solution for you in this. You will more than likely have sagging skin with all that weight loss. But all is not lost, you can do resistance training to help with this. As your weight goes down you will loose that fat in-between your muscle and skin. Such resistance exercises will help reattach skin to the muscle make you more tone. Examples of what you can do is push ups everyday. You don't have to do it military press if its too hard you can do it on the wall, or modified push ups. All of this helps in toning your body and will help you get that body you want.

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5/8/11 11:31 P

Hello, I have recently started to try and get in shape. I started exercise about 3months ago and so far i have lost 10lbs (not as fast as i hoped but i am still very happy.) I want to get around 170-180lbs by the end of the year which i am pretty confident that i will be able to do if i start to buckle down, but i'm worried i wont look the way i want to. I was wondering if that later down the road, possibly past my 1 year goal, and I have the muscles that i want and everything will i have lots of sagging skin? I know i wont be able to look like the person in my link but will my skin contour to my body like his if i am ever to build that kind of muscle? I am just scared that i am going to lose all this weight and might feel a bit better but i wont ultimately look the the way i want to, i want to be able to take my shirt off in a public not feel self conscious, maybe even turn a few heads for the better.

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