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5/18/12 9:13 A

I was happy to find this thread. I'm a single working mom, and I know how it feels. But if you get right down to it, they're all excuses. (I'm not being judgmental -- I am COMPLETELY guilty of this myself, as recently as this morning). If we can all find time to watch our favorite TV shows, or even post on a message board, we can find a few minutes in the day to exercise. We start off with this idea of EXERCISE like it has to be a big ordeal, driving to the gym for a full hour (what a pain, what am I going to do with the kids, I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS). But if you break it down... on your busy days, take 10 minutes six times a day. Or even three times a day. Or even once, if that's what you can do. Ten minutes is still better than zero minutes. If you LOOK for ways to get more movement in your day, you're coming out ahead.

I'm starting today!

CHARRIS1016 Posts: 21
5/18/12 9:09 A

Hi Sharon I also work in health care and I work the night shift and when I get off at 7 am I be ready for the bed I try to get a walk in at work but it dont always work that way.

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5/18/12 9:04 A

Totally understand ~ starting with exercise does make the day go better and easier to handle (at least I think so). If you're like me there are so many hands wanting this and that...that I handle them easier if I do some type of exercise first thing in the morning. Good luck in making your day go better! emoticon

SPARKLINGME176 Posts: 19,680
5/17/12 8:13 P

First thing after some breakfast, with protein! It is easy to let the day slip away. I find IF I start with the exercise, my body wants more all day!

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5/17/12 3:44 P

I must exercise first thing in am while kids are still sleeping and must keep track of food intake, if I do not do that I will find excuses not to do either and then I slip.

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5/17/12 3:38 P

Dream Dinners, you assemble a lot of meals in 1 hour, they have the ingredients and you take it home and freeze it and cook it later.

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5/17/12 3:31 P


I have also struggled with finding time to exeercise. I work in health care and work shift work..I either work 8 days or evenings and when i get home I am usually pretty tired mentally and physically.

The last thing on my mind is exercise but i do like kettle bells can u please give me the name of the dvd u bought . Maybe then I can find time.



AMGRANAT Posts: 521
5/17/12 2:22 P

I agree with what everyone else said, and I think my biggest struggle has been trying to eat balanced and healthy meals on a budget and short periods of time. My fiance and I both work about 40 minutes from our house and work long hours. By the time I get home around 7 the frozen, take-out, and semi-prepared meals win out over cooking where I can control the ingredients. I am trying to be more organized so that we can prepare meals ahead of time that we can freeze for later.

Anyone have any good resources?

FAITHY3 Posts: 15
5/17/12 2:05 P

My job is creating and participating in activities for kids 3-12yrs. Some days we do activities that requires us to be indoors, but on the days of outdoor I run hop and jump twice as long as the kids do.

5/17/12 10:52 A

Im reading post for more clues of where I can add movement. I am currently remodeling a house so, thats where the majority of my workout comes from. Before this, I tried to walk on my road, until I got too lazy and didnt do it. I was walking alone and quit. I was taking two classes (cardio kickboxing and yoga-no meditation) but my partners quit, but I kept at it, until I had to have surgery.

I also used to walk during my classes at school and we added dancing and zumba for my students. But since school is just about over, so I dont have that option anymore. I will try to walk at home with Leslie. Motivation is the key for me, so doing leg lifts watching tv, or crunches during commercial breaks have kept me going. And I will keep working that until I can do something different. Though the remodel has made me stronger..teehee,

RUBOWLES24 Posts: 729
5/17/12 10:26 A

Story of my life! It is a constant struggle, my husband leaves the house at 4am and we live in the woods so it's pretty dark out to try and run outside in the mornings, plus having 2 dogs and an 8 month old to get ready for the sitter and me be at work, an hour away, by 8am! Then to come home at 6pm and have to do dinner, bath, baby to bed and dogs fed and walked, hubby is already in bed and I still have dinner dishes, and next day stuff to get together!! 9pm before I know it is there and I'm exhausted.

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5/17/12 9:28 A

There's no way around it. Exercise takes time. I try to simplify other things in order to make more time in the day. I do crock pot dinners or I try to make big portions of healthy things and freeze them for evening when I work out after work. I squeeze a 30 minute run in on a morning (I'm showering and getting ready anyway so it's really only a 30 minute loss of sleep). Wherever I can fit it in, I do. Some weeks are better than others and that has to be okay sometimes.

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5/17/12 8:52 A

It's definitely more difficult for me to lose weight when I have a busy schedule, not necessarily because I'm busy running from place to place, but because my sleep schedule suffers. If I'm losing weight, I *especially* have to be sure to get my 8-9 hours of sleep a night or I'm an absolute mess. Uncontrollable cravings, irritable, etc.

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5/17/12 8:05 A

I get up at 4:00a.m. So what I have done is purchased 20 minute kettle bell workout dvd. I can spare 20 minutes in the morning if I lay everything out the night before. Then after dinner I head to the elliptical trainer before I sit down to relax. If I sit down....forget it!

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5/17/12 7:36 A

I know that I have to get in my exercise in the morning, but I am definitely a person who loves the snooze button!! I even moved my alarm clock to the other side of the room to prevent this and I still do it. I guess its all up to mindset now. ugh.

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5/17/12 3:48 A

I really find it hard to be able to exercise before work cos i need to be up very early to be able to make it to work early cos of traffic and then try to get backi home early as well to prepare fro the next day.. i spend about 6hours in traffic each day. any suggestions!

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5/16/12 11:39 P

I READ SOMETHING ON HERE SOMEONE SAID.... IF YOU HAVE TIME TO SURF THE INTERNET YOU HAVE TIME TO EXERCISE!!! Bottom line its really that simple.. Every time I do something idle like surfing the net or watching TV, I'm going to tell myself that. Thanks!

ELLARIAN Posts: 1,254
5/16/12 9:51 P

I'm a Ph.D. grad student and work in a lab 40+ hrs a week as part of that. I recently switched to working out before heading into lab. And although it means crawling out of bed an hour earlier, I'm finding that I love the feeling the rest of the day knowing that I started out the day right. It helps give me momentum for the rest of the day. I also have started walking to and from campus (about a mile from my apartment to the lab I work in) and eat a balanced, but fiber packed breakfast. I try to at least have an idea the evening before of what I am packing for lunch the next day... even if I don't actually managed to get it packed the night before. For suppers, I typically stick to a lean protein of some sort, a ton of veggies (I love the taste of them for some reason), and a source of complex carbs such as brown rice ect....

M0TL3Y SparkPoints: (7,312)
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5/16/12 9:27 P

I am so fortunate to have a husband who happily walks with me at 5:45 every weekday morning for a mile before work ... then it's rush to get everyone out the door before school/ work. We often also try to walk after dinner and devotions too. It helps us with fitness, but also to have time to talk and get on the same page with our thoughts and plans. He is my best friend and husband of 18 years! emoticon

HOTBODY76 Posts: 12
5/16/12 8:31 P

As i am typing, I am cutting into my kids bath time, which is throwing me off schedule for my evening work time.... I am glad I found this board. I have 0 time for myself, but from this day on, something is getting cut down. If I dont start putting myself first for a change, im gonna spiral outta control.

Going to exercise as soon as I put thing 1 & thing 2 to bed!!! Shaun-T, Iet's get Insane...but only for 20 min ;-)))

RUFUSRIO Posts: 234
5/16/12 7:56 P

I definitely needed this board. I think it is, as the other posters have mentioned, all about making time. If you made time for food all those years to put on the weight, then you need to make time for exercise and healthy choices to get it off. That being said, I think that lifelong habits are what will work best for a busy schedule. If your goal is to work out every day of the week and you manage 6 days, you should be proud. If your goal is 1500 calories per day and you manage 1600, you should be proud. Obviously keep striving for the perfect results, but recognize that life is busy...and some days won't go according to plan. When that happens, pick yourself up and move on.

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5/16/12 5:29 P

I may not be as busy as alot of you but I try to get up earlier in the morning and any extra time in the day I will try to workout.

5/16/12 4:35 P

I absolutely agree with these other posters that are advising you to make the time to exercise and plan out your meals. I love the idea of including your boyfriend in these activities so that you are spending time together, but also helping yourself to get healthy! Meal planning is a great tool that I utilize. Sometimes I plan a week ahead, sometimes its only a day or two, but I always make sure that I know what I'm eating and when so that my calories are well controlled. Hope these posts are helping you find that healthy balance! =)

JUNIAAGAIN Posts: 4,169
5/16/12 3:56 P

It's good to know that I am not the odd one out - that you guys are out there and doing. So good to have found this thread...

03BFISCHER SparkPoints: (0)
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5/16/12 1:50 P

Wow, I needed this today. Sometimes with the challenges we face in our lives we feel so alone. It is a comfort to know I am not the only one who struggles with balancing everything in their life.

I work full-time, go to school full-time on the weekend, my husband works full-time, goes to school on weeknights, and has a volunteer commitment one night a week. We have to beautiful children (4 and 2). We have not family support so has been a challenge to balance everything. It is a challenge each week just to get the grocery shopping and laundry done.

I try to get some sort of routine and then life happens and throws the whole week into a whirlwind. So each week is almost a new routine. I reached my goal of losing 60 lbs last year. But then life went crazy at the beginning of this year and I gained back 18 lbs. Now I am struggling to get back into my groove and get this weight back off. But it has been such a yo-yo the past three weeks trying to get things figured out.

The main thing I have to make sure I do is prep my breakfast, snack, and lunch for work during the week. Need to work on planning dinners, but one step at a time. I have gotten back into my habit of 12 to 15 glasses of water a day. I have also had to change my mind set of if I can't get 30 mins in it isn't worth doing. I have set a goal to get at least 10 mins of something in everyday. Most days I have been able to do this. I would like to be able to get up and get that guaranteed 10 mins in first thing in the morning. But when you stay up to midnight each night doing homework, getting up sooner than 5 am hasn't work for me. My body tends to hit the snooze without waking me up. But I am really loving all the 10 min workout video's SP has to offer. I am really loving the 7 day bootcamp ones to get my ST in. I bought a cheap pedometer and try to get in at least 2500 steps at work alone. I have been walking to the restroom that is farther away. And I try to do chair exercises throughout the day. Also, while I am doing my homework, I try to take a break every hour and do some lunges, or push-ups, or jumping jacks. Just something to get the blood flowing again.

I am learned this time around, baby steps. One change at a time. Small steps add up, it may take you longer, but you will still get there.


LEMON2012 Posts: 213
5/16/12 12:27 P

Everything is not always go big or go home. Sometimes you just have to GO. Period. 10 min here, 10 there. Thats how I do it. Every step counts, it truely does. Will it come off aggressively, probably not. But it WILL come off. If you can, definitely shoot for an hour, whatever you can sqeeze in. But if you cant, do a quick intense work out. There are several 10 minute videos OnDemand and available at local stores. Just do what you can, when you can. :) Focus on small steps because focusing on leaps can leave you feeling defeated. Leaps are GREAT, but if you cant get it it....take a baby step.


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5/16/12 12:22 P

love the idea of schduling it in i found signing up for a class has really helped me

5/16/12 12:06 P

It's never easy

JANALEIGH1 SparkPoints: (9,714)
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5/16/12 11:55 A

Hang in there! It's a real adjustment dieting and exercising when you work and have children and a home to take care of. I always failed before when I tried to "fit in" exercise after work. I would get home at different times during the work week and I always faced a challenge upon walking in through the door. Making excuses to not work out was just way too easy. So, I made the difficult decision to wake up at 4am to exercise. Everyone in the house is asleep and no one and nothing is calling to ask me to do anything. I bought a great workout series (The Firm Express) and I exercise using weights right in my own basement. I don't have the type of energy in the morning during my exercise the way that I do in the evenings, but I do have the MOTIVATION! I figure that waking up early before getting myself and my children ready is a small price to pay to become healthier. After 5 months it is now a habit- just like waking up to an alarm clock. I do it because I have to, it's not a choice- just like I work to pay the bills, I work out to enjoy my life and my family.

5/16/12 11:29 A

I have been feeling so hopeless lately trying to get caught up in the free time that I do have, which is very minimal. With 62 minutes between jobs every day and having to eat and get ready in there, I feel like there is no time at all for anything extra. Reading these comments and ideas from all of you and how you manage to make it work helps me feel so much more hopeful that I can find a way and that I am worth it.

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DSTENORE Posts: 87
5/16/12 11:14 A

I always schedule a minimum of 30 minutes a day for cardio. Usually more. On busy days, I make an effort to park the car further from the market, take stairs, walk faster to meetings.

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
5/16/12 10:54 A

Deciding that I'm worth the time was a major step.. and what I have found is that as I've lost weight and become healthier, I'm a lot more productive... consequently it was an investment in time... to study good nutrition, to take time to make healthy satisfying meals, to exercise, that paid off and actually gave me more free time... the first couple of weeks were a great struggle, but it got easier soon.

BHOOMEESWAREE SparkPoints: (0)
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5/16/12 3:13 A

Have courage because I am also like you. I also work from 8.30 a.m to 16.00 p.m. I have jointed Aerobic classes twice per week for one hour during my lunch time at work. I know it is very difficult, but we are all going through it. At home I myself have to do all the housework my husband does not help me and I have a twelve years son, who is still at school. My life is really very difficult but I am fighting with it .I am forty-two years old and have also reached my menopause and with this I am facing many problems.

Bye for now

KIMBORIO Posts: 24
5/15/12 9:54 P

I have a very busy life. I work full time, married, 2 children I spend an hour at the YMCA every day. On Monday & Wednesday I go to Zumba class and the rest of the days, I walk on the treadmill. I take my daughter with me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesdays, I drop her off at softball practice and run to the Y.. My husband picks her up from Baseball practice and takes her to piano lessons. I pick her up from Piano lessons and then my husband goes to work out. On Thursday we do it again except with dance, and tumbling. Saturdays and Sundays are just whenever. My Zumba teacher told us that working out for one hour a day is only 4% of your day. You can't spare 4%? If you have the opportunity to join a Zumba class do it. I started Zumba on January 15th, 2012 and so far I've lost 33 pounds and 16 inches in my waist and hips. I also watch my food, but its incredible what you can accomplish in a short amount of time.

5/15/12 4:56 P

I've been exercising an hour a day since the middle of February. I find I just have to get up earlier. Sometimes I don't want to get out of bed, but once I'm up it isn't that bad. On weekends, if I'm doing heavy housework or yard work, I let that count as half my exercise time. But no shortcuts! It has to be hard work, not just light puttering around.

I read somewhere: "Those who can't make time to get healthy will some day have to make time to get sick."

HOLALOLA SparkPoints: (33,452)
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5/15/12 4:01 P

A few years ago on Oprah there was a woman who had 5 or 7 kids and she made time to go to the gym 2 hours a day. She took some of the kids with her while the rest were at school. She figured, if OPRAH can make time to exercise, so could she.

I'm not nearly as busy as many of you but I still have a hard time finding time and energy to fit it all in. But I am inspired. I think I'm doing pretty well with food but I need more exercise. I think I'll try more of the 10 minute videos. Also, writing it down on the calendar might help make it happen more often.

Once I'm in the car headed home, and especially once I get home, I don't want to do anything strenuous. Maybe after work I should just start walking outside, or drive over to the high school track and walk there before I drive home.

I really want to start biking to work but my bike tires popped and need to be replaced and it's 7 miles each way! (Those are excuses and they can be dealt with.)

Someday I will have a house and will make a spare room or corner somewhere for an exercise room. I read about someone who furnished a whole gym with equipment people were throwing away because the treadmill was used more often as a clothes rack.

I also read that if you have time to watch TV or surf the Internet, then you have time to exercise.

TRAMIREZ1168 Posts: 53
5/15/12 1:47 P

With my Busy Schedule and always running my daughter around to her activities. I have started walking at work on Breaks & at Lunch time for 15min each time. I also have started walking while my daughter is taking Guitar & Voice Lesson which last an hour once a week. I have tried squeezing in as much walking time as I possible can. And I listen to music as I walk. It really helps make the walking easier and I don't even realize how long I walk sometimes.

KARIN1972 Posts: 357
5/15/12 11:35 A

Can't remember where I first saw this statement - but it is something I tell myself when I feel like I have no time:

"Right now, someone busier than you is working out"

SHI_TOWN SparkPoints: (0)
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5/15/12 10:54 A

wow, everyone has great suggestions! im deffinitly going to try some of them out. I recently got the p90x workout program, and it is a GREAT workout! to anyone who can, i deffinitly suggest that workout program!

GCARMSTRONG1977 Posts: 10
5/15/12 10:52 A

I can relate to a busy schedule...I work full time and attend school at night full time. I am currently on a month long break so exercising regularly is easier. Luckily I discovered my university has a gym on the medical school campus really close to my house. Recently I have been taking a couple of 20 minute breaks at work to walk around the industrial park for extra exercise. My challenge is maintaining an exercise schedule once class starts up again at the end of this month. I am trying to get in the habit of exercising during the same window that I'll have once school starts so that my "appointment" stays the same.

SAMMIEMAK SparkPoints: (78,497)
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5/15/12 10:38 A

Good suggestions. Thanks. I'll try them.

NEWDAY033107 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/15/12 10:22 A

I am learning to:
* schedule exercise and treat it like any other appointment to be kept.
* including my daughter in exercise as much as possible so we can do something together and she learns how to develop healthy habits
*cook last night, I made Refrigerator Bran Muffins and a Chicken Couscous Skillet that I will use for the next couple of days. These are recipes I got off the SparkPeople meal plan.

CELIASYEAR Posts: 4,506
5/15/12 9:48 A

Without having a plan, you are planning to fail.

1. Have a plan
2. Cook ahead
3. Package it up ahead and refrigerate or freeze
4. Write it down
5. Exercise every day regardless of the weather or how you feel or how busy you are (if you're too busy to take care of yourself, trust me that no one else will take care of you either)

MLVANDE Posts: 32
5/15/12 9:34 A

Wow - I thought I was busy, but I'm practically moving at a snail's pace compared to some folks on here! Finding time was an issue a year ago. Now, it's sticking with my determination to make the time to exercise. By making this decision, (and getting Y memberships for the whole family), we are all getting more exercise. Twice a week my husband goes to the gym with me. At least twice a week one or both of my kids go with me. So getting the whole family involved means a better chance of success!

KLF1960 SparkPoints: (11,880)
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5/15/12 9:00 A

I'm so happy to have found this today! I'm off work this week (was working part-time) and next week I'm returning to work full-time (for the first time in 26 years since my daughter was born). I'm apprehensive about returning to work full-time and I was also worried about where to find the time to work out, but there are so many good ideas here! Plus, after reading many of the posts I find that I still won't be nearly as busy as most of you, so only I can stand in my way of not getting in a quality daily workout! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! emoticon

FANCYNANCY66 SparkPoints: (23,383)
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5/14/12 10:42 P

scheduling my fitness routines and food prep first when I see I am not going to get everything done. something's got to go or not get done and I've got to let things slide so I can make sure healthy food is available and I get my walks and gym in.

BODYBYBERRY SparkPoints: (0)
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5/14/12 8:38 P

I have to say planning! Just take a day to just plan your meals, workouts, grocery list. This is what I have to do now since I'm working 2 jobs, possible a 3rd, and taking care of my sick mother. I just take one day out and sit with both of my work schedules and just plan my meals and schedule my workouts. It does take some work(well at least for me it took 2 hours to plan everything) but it's worth it!

MLFELDER SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1
5/14/12 7:47 P

This is a good topic and the only good answer i can think of is SACRIFICE. I work overnight. I leave at 12 and most times i am not back home until 10am. My husband goes to work when i get home. I have a 19 month old daughter, so it is she and i after that. I try to get her to take a nap for at least 2 hours, if i can, before my 2 teenagers get home at 2:30pm. It's all down hill after that. If i get in the bed by 8pm i am doing good; and if there are doctor appointments, sports, or shopping to do, than i also have to add that into the mix ( deep breath ). Even with all of that i WILL make time. Even if it can only be 10 minute. On the days i don't have as much to do, i will do more. BE ENCOURAGED ALL !!! WE CAN DO IT !!! emoticon

5/14/12 6:06 P

When I worked in Houston, I went to the gym as soon as it opened (I think 6 am). I worked out and then I walked during lunch. When I wasn't able to go to the gym, I used an inside manual bike and did up to 10 miles at a time.

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (199,687)
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Posts: 6,297
5/14/12 5:34 P

I don't think of myself as particularly busy, but I do have to get to work at 7am and leave at 4:45. I have long since learned that if I don't exercise before work, I won't exercise at all, so I get up at 4:20 to run. Its really not that bad, as long as I get to bed early. Sometime I walk at lunch as well.

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