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5/14/14 7:17 P

water retention.
your body is mostly water and when it needs to be fixed, water is how that happens. when i am saying needs to be fixed, i am talking about how your muscles repair after exercise. water. it weighs half a pound per cup. it's totally normal for you to retain some [and mask your loss] when you start up a new regimen. and it looks like you've spent the past 35 days starting several.
the other thing is if you are tracking sodium. it could be that your new plan is higher in sodium [not sure if you're tracking it or not] or it could be that your body hasn't quite yet decided that the drop in sodium isn't a fluke so you haven't lost the water weight you were keeping for that yet.

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5/14/14 5:30 P

The scale is highly dependent on a variety of factors that have nothing to do with how you look. After all, the only way someone would know your weight by looking at you would be if you had it tattooed on your forehead.

A measuring tape and your clothes are hard indicators of what size you are and how you look.

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5/14/14 4:49 P

Way to go on your changes! I would trust your clothes and the measuring tape waaayyyy before the scale.

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5/14/14 3:22 P

If you feel better and look better, I would not worry about the scale. Unless you wear a sign on yourself advertising your weight, everyone will just see a better you.

Way to go on this new lifestyle. emoticon

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5/14/14 10:48 A

The measuring tape and baggy clothes are a better judge then the scale. I'm sure someone can give you better information on why the scale isnt changing, but have you checked yourself on someone elses scale? My scale has to be reset each time i use it or the readout will still show the same weight. it could be a scale malfunction too

And wow good for you, that is very impressive!

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5/14/14 10:41 A

The measuring tape is definitely telling the truth as to what's happening to your body composition.

How often have you been measuring yourself? Daily/weekly, or just a comparison from last month to this month? What has the scale actually said during that time?

There are various things that could be involved, but since you are clearly losing inches its' quite likely none of them have anything to do with anything but water. Which should mean the problem should eventually solve itself without you changing a thing. Sooner or later everyone loses enough weight that any amount of water retention can't keep up with it. But a little more info on how exactly your weight has behaved over the last month might give a little insight into why.

Congrats, by the way, that is an amazing change.

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5/14/14 10:36 A

35 days ago, I gave up a horrible sugar addiction cold turkey. I went from drinking a case of Pepsi, two bottle of juice and various other sugary beverages in a week to drinking nothing but water (and lots of it!) and unsweetend iced tea. I've been carb counting and staying within the recommended ranges for calories, fat and carbs on here. I've also put over 70 miles on my treadmill in those 35 days and started using resistant bands for strength training three days a week two weeks ago. According to the measuring tape, I've lost a little over three inches, all my clothes are much loser and I feel so much better, but the scale isn't budging at all. Why?

I don't think it's muscle mass, because like I said, I've only been using the resistance bands for two weeks. My legs have toned up a bit from all the walking… could that little bit of muscle be making the scale stay still? Or am I retaining water, and if so, how do I make it stop? Or is the scale telling the truth and the measuring tape lying? :/

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