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9/25/12 7:29 P

The hand bikes at gyms definitely are good cardio, plus they're great upper-body workouts. You can also do a variety of weight-training options, or you can do crunches (since you can lay down for those, it's not as impossible). It's hard when your legs aren't working, though. :P

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9/25/12 6:06 P

I agree that you can definitely stay on track because what you eat is so much more important than exercise. The arm bike is okay, but I wouldn't count on it for a ton of cardio - especially because if you're not used to using it much, you could probably injure yourself. It might be a really nice way to warm up before lifing though. You might be able to get some great tips from your physical therapist(s) that help you recover from the surgery.

Is swimming an option? I've gone swimming before where I used a little foam thing between my legs to keep my legs immobilized and it's a great arm/ab/cardio workout.

Good luck :)

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9/25/12 6:45 A

For most people, weight loss is 80% nutrition, and just 20% exercise. Not doing cardio for a couple of weeks is not goign to make a huge difference either way in the context of a 3 month target.

Arm ergometers are a good way for mobility restricted people to get in a cardio workout, but as upper body muscles are smaller than lower body, it is hard to get the same scale of benefits. But if the alternative is nothing, then an arm ergometer is what you should do.

And keep up with the strength training.


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9/25/12 2:12 A

I guess my question is...can it be done?

I'm getting surgery on my knee in a couple of days, and I've done really well losing weight so far...mostly because I've been able to do the elliptical, bike, etc.

Goes without saying that after my surgery, I won't be able to do stuff like that for probably a couple of weeks. I've see those machines at the gym that look like bikes but you use your arms instead of legs. Do those work in place of cardio?

Main thing is: I'm graduating from college in December and still have 20 pounds to go to get to my ideal weight for that. Can I lose weight by just modifying my diet and maybe weight training for a couple of weeks? Guess I just wanna know if I'm being realistic here.

Thanks! :)

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