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3/11/14 1:57 P

Hi Alva-Mouna,

Your story is particularly interesting to me. I joined Sparkpeople a little over 6 years ago after a terrible episode wherein my now ex, whose midsection closely resembled a keg (full size, not half) told me "well, you got BIG" after I gained around 35 Lbs. Although I was broken to the core, I can't imagine the shock or pain you must be in after changing your entire lifestyle for such a cruel person.

I will tell you this though, although my original goal was to lose weight as "happiness is the best revenge", I found that my goals changed the better I felt about myself. I am 5' 2". With the help of the support I received at Spark People, I dropped from 187 Lbs to 127 Lbs within the year. All of a sudden, life got lighter, not just me. And although when I began, I felt I needed him to validate my change, I lost that feeling and with it, any interested in him at all. Unfortunately that didn't stop him from executing a movie-cliched on his knees, ring in hand, "I'm the dumbest guy on the planet", teary-eyed proposal.

YOU'RE WORTH MORE. Don't you EVER forget it.

Fast forward to present day, I met a man who has been with me through the fittest part of my adult life and I remained petrified that he wouldn't love me should I ever "get BIG again". Pretty scary perspective for someone who has always struggled with their weight huh? I'm sorry to say after a sports injury, I've gained back every ounce I lost 5 years ago, plus a hefty amount of backslide weight on top. But this man, who has seen me at my best, sees me as just as crystal clearly as he did on day one. THAT is the type of man you deserve in your life. If your husband can't be your champion, who can?

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3/11/14 1:14 P

Hi everyone,

I wanna share my story quickly with you guys,
I got married finally with the love of my life and I went to live in his country,
After few months i felt that he started to change and we started geting more far from each other.
Finally last weekend after litle argument he said: you got too fat I lost interest on you!!

Here I got the Wake Up Slap.

I never felt as depressed and helpless as this time and can not tell you how i'm feeling right now, its the man i left everything for, saying such thing.

I have decided to get in shape and i'm so over his words now and what ever it made me feel.
My Aim is to loose at least 30kg for myself and for my health and to gain his interest again.

Today I found this great website by chance.
I had a very good idea and i have made already my plan.
I'm gonna try to work out everyday before office for 1 hr at least
and to dance for 30 mnts after ofc as well.

I need your ideas and support because for the moment i have no 1.

Thanks all in advance,

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