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8/18/13 8:13 P

I will check into that book, thanks emoticon
do you know the author?

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OCEAN7 Posts: 178
8/18/13 12:46 P

I lost my taste for meat, too. Yes, it was about the time I hit menopause.
You might find the book, "The China Study" extremely interesting. It changed all my ideas about nutrition and the lies we are told.

OCEANSIDE6 SparkPoints: (3,403)
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8/16/13 6:06 A

My husband is a big meat eater also, especially steak. He used to be a meat cutter before he became disabled. So when it comes time to buy I let him do it.

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8/15/13 6:24 A

I stopped eating meat to lower my cholesterol (I can't take the statins) I didn't have any problem getting rid of it. I realized I actually never cared for meat because I ALWAYS loaded up with condiments. I try not to eat meat, actually feel better. Our area doesn't have many restaurants with choices so when I go out to eat, I eat fish. My guy still is a big meat eater and sometimes when I cook it, the smell alone will make me feel sick like. I don't think it is a big deal to get rid of meat. Just make sure you are getting enough protein. Don't be concerned. I think we don't always listen to our bodies when we should be.

OCEANSIDE6 SparkPoints: (3,403)
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8/15/13 6:13 A

I am not sure why but I have lost interest in eating meat, even chicken(unless it's Thanksgiving). But give me fish and I am fine.

ANGHARAD3 Posts: 966
7/1/13 6:33 A

Could it have anything to do with protein stores? I noticed that a lot of people with low kidney function are initially protein restricted. However, as their disease progresses, they lose their taste for high protein foods.

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7/1/13 2:18 A

I don't eat it as much as I used to . No longer are hamburgers, tacos, pizza, spaghetti and heavy foods part of my food intake. I eat chicken a few times a week, well done, but am getting bored with it. I think I'll switch it for a turkey breast now and then to have some different flavor.

How people eat prime rib and medium cooked meat, I could never stomach it. It it's pink or red or oozing red, I'm not eating it. Always have to have my meat cooked well done.

I will have a 85% hamburger patty, once every few weeks, chicken a few times a week, Sometimes just a cheese sandwich, a salad or yogurt or cottage cheese for my protein.

When I was thin (up until age 35), I was one of those people who could eat the appetizer or two, two huge drinks, salad and bread sticks, and then the main course, and then desert with no problem. Weighed 120 never gained weight. When I see an "Olive Garden" or "Red Lobster" commercial nowadays, I think, "Where would one put all that food??" One portion of that 4-course meal would fill me up. AND I would gain at least 6 lbs for eating all that, in one day, and then it would take me 6 weeks to lose that 6 lbs. So not worth it.

We wonder why America's obese. Look at the portion sizes they are feeding everyone. Go to Jack-in-the-Box or Carl's Jr. and have a double-hamburger, or a triple hamburger, or even a four-patty. Makes me sick. Heart attacks waiting to happen.

Meat just isn't that important to me anymore.

I agree. But not ready to go all the way veg yet.

Marcy in Oregon

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
7/1/13 12:38 A

We lose our ability to smell, so we lose our taste, so they tell us. Losing the ability to smell is an early symptom of Alzheimer's so I've read. I don't have a problem with smelling, but my husband does. Our taste buds wear down with age, and that is another reason we lose our ability to taste. This can be a problem for people using to much salt because they don't taste it like they use to do.

I love meat and follow and Atkins type diet. I've read Richard Bernstein MD's "The Diabetes Solution" and learned so much. He has lectures on YouTube.

PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
6/30/13 7:36 P

I eat meat occasionally but like some red meat once in awhile...

JULES46561 Posts: 118
6/30/13 2:11 P

Thanks everyone for your response. It doesn't sound like anyone really is attributing this to menopause (and my dr. agrees) but I just wondered why all of a sudden it sort of disgusts me. I even will cook it for the family but I won't eat it. It doesn't bother me to cook it. It looks okay, smells ok and sometimes I think I might try some but just cannot do it. Unfortunately, for me, though becoming vegan has not helped me lose weight. Everyone else I know drops 20 pounds but not me. Sometimes I feel like I was just meant to be this weight. I do feel better though, no doubt. I never have the 3:00 afternoon "tireds" any more and I can definitely attribute that to my change in diet (not eating meat). I have also pretty much stopped eating any dairy and I was a cheeseaholic. Have a great day everyone and thanks for your post.

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6/30/13 8:34 A

A few years back I sat down to have prime rib (which I love) I told my sister-in-law well done when she asked. I looked down at my plate and saw the blood and that was it. I stopped eating all red meat from that day on. I find the same thing is now happening to me with fish and chicken and want to drop both from my diet.

GUITARGAL2 Posts: 1,983
6/30/13 8:16 A

Wow, I thought I was the only one who experienced this. I used to love a good steak or a cheeseburger off the grill. They were my absolute favorite. A few years ago we were having a bbq with friends, the menu was steaks and salad. Everything smelled and looked wonderful. When I sat down to eat, I found my stomach rolling with just the thought of putting that steak in my mouth. I have not been able to eat it since.

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6/30/13 6:49 A

I no longer desire it, but not quite in same experience. We cut back all animal to help me through menopause and its healthier. As time passed and we changed life style, (vegetarian everyother day) I find myself with little desire for meat at all. Cant really say if its the life style change or menopause. I feel great, better than ever and there's no harm to it.

JULES46561 Posts: 118
6/29/13 6:56 P

Has anyone lost their taste for meat as a result of menopause? A couple of years ago I just noticed myself not having any desire for the taste of meat. My Dr. says she has never heard of this. A friend told me she's heard of women that go through menopause experience the same thing. As it has progressed now I'll make something for the family that looks good but when I put it in my mouth I have to spit it out. Sometimes now it seems like more of a texture aversion.....any comments? Thanks, ladies.

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